An interesting way to push more people to red/black zone

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    • An interesting way to push more people to red/black zone

      We saw the game is trying to push more people into the black zone by buffing and nerfing the stats through different zone and areas. These changes obviously affected players' game styles. But still, most of them are based in the royal city or their guild's hideout. Yeah~ You probably know what I'm suggesting. Make people based in small towns(e.g. Morgana's Rest)We already see the game is putting shops in these small towns, why not go a little bit further? They are only popular during CTA time.

      Make fewer items will be destroyed in the red zone to encourage outlaw activity.
      Make the reputation harder to recover.
      And finally, BAN THEM FROM RETURNING TO ROYAL CITY (until the reputation are recovered, not forever) when the reputation is too low(item in banks can be claimed near the portal, but IDK what to do with player island)

      Although these ideas may separate the BlackZ PvP and BlueZ PvE players even more. But it may also provide a more challenging and rewarding path for choose. Try creating small towns' luxury goods maybe? We only have YZ and RZ smugglers so far, it's time for BZ smugglers.

      It's just an idea that i think it's cool. And I would like to see rational discussion of what's right or wrong about the idea.
    • You are already banned from all royal zones with -20k rep.
      If you not allow them to use royal cities that are non pvp zones were they can't do harm and were they locked in unless they go BZ how should they tp into the BZ or use their islands ?
      Whats the point preventing them to stay in a big safe zone and what does it improve ?

      Isn't it contradicting to make fewer items break to encourage outlaw activities and on the next page making reputation harder to recover ?
      Imho reducing the gear trash rate is a big no no stuff must break or everything will have no value due oversupply.

      I'd love to see some Statistics from Albion how many players are blue/yellow only players i feel the number went down compared to last year.
      Smuggling goods to the rests is a nice idea