Season Point Breakdown and Conqueror’s Challenge Weekly Resets

    • Season Point Breakdown and Conqueror’s Challenge Weekly Resets

      Hello everyone,

      With today’s downtime, we made some follow-up changes to two issues addressed in Hotfix 3 and Hotfix 6.

      Season Point Breakdown

      After we corrected an issue with Might Level progression, some guilds had Season Point Breakdowns that no longer represented the actual amount of Season Points gained in each respective Might Level category.

      This has been corrected, and the Season Point Breakdown now shows the appropriate values.

      Conqueror’s Challenge Weekly Reset

      Last Saturday, we encountered an issue where players that had completed their Weekly Conqueror’s Challenge and were also online at the time the server went down for maintenance didn’t have their Weekly Reward reset correctly.

      We corrected this issue yesterday in Hotfix 6.Since it was too late in the week to realistically ask most of these players to complete their challenge, we instead opted to not reset their challenge this week, and instead during maintenance today each player affected had 6,000 Favor added to their character and received a Grand Conqueror’s Chest in the mail.

      To be clear, only players affected by this issue received this.The Weekly Conqueror’s Challenge intentionally does not reset if:

      • It is not complete - this allows players to have advanced progress for their next week
      • The chest is not claimed and the player isn’t premium - as the chest can’t be claimed, it remains available until it can be

      As the underlying issue has now been resolved, the Weekly Conqueror’s Challenge should reset normally during this Saturday’s maintenance.