Premium price for Latin area

    • Premium price for Latin area

      I would like to be able to evaluate a monthly subscription charge of a different value with respect to europe or the usa for example, because our currencies are much more devalued.
      I would like to give the example of Steam, where the prices charged in Argentina differ from those charged in other countries where their currency is stronger. In addition, we suffer from a large amount of taxes that further increase the amount we must pay. I understand that the lack of value in a currency is not your responsibility, but after talking with other people, they suggested that they would be willing to pay a monthly payment for the premium in case its value is a little lower. In my particular case I was subscribed for a long time, due to this cost issue I had to cancel my subscription until I could pay for it again.It's something I wanted to bring up a discussion. I hope the comments serve. Thanks !!! :)
    • Hello. Thanks for write. Buying with play money has two difficulties.
      1. You must first be very advanced to get a silver return.
      2. Second, many people do not have that much time to play and collect the money for the premium.
      A more accessible price encourages more players. Albion lost 4000 players in the last few months. A price more in line with the economy of many countries would encourage more players. (Sorry for the English, I use the google translator)
    • 1. You really don't need to be "very advanced" to earn 10 million silver.

      2. You do not need a premium account to play the game. Nearly all content is open to you to play with or without premium (apart from a personal island, but you only need to have premium for one month to have it and it last forever)

      3. Steam Charts are not a reliable or accurate measure of player numbers. I would argue more players play the game through the official client than through steam.
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