Poll & Discussion: Crystal League 5v5 Engagement

    • Poll & Discussion: Crystal League 5v5 Engagement

      Crosspost from Reddit:

      Hey, I'm looking to see how many players are interested in the 5v5 Systems of the game (even if it's Hell Gates, 10v10s, or 20v10s) but don't for some reason. If you do engage but wished for better accessibility or onboarding into the 5v5 Systems, that would be good information as well. You should mark different options on the poll but also please leave any comments and info :)

      Any thoughts on the overall topic of 'New-ish Player Accessibility/On-boarding into 5v5s/Crystal League' would be great to hear in the comments as well :)

      edit; the goal of the post is to get more data for suggestions to improve Crystals/hear what other people think in the comments. if you don't know what crystals are you can check out the AOTV coverage tuesdays/saturdays

      to see the reddit discussion: reddit.com/r/albiononline/comm…n_the_crystal_league_5v5/
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