Hellgate might levels have no diminishing

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    • Hellgate might levels have no diminishing

      Retroman wrote:

      Category One - Repeatable Activities

      PvE (Outlands and Roads)
      Gathering (Outlands and Roads)
      2v2 Hellgates
      5v5 Hellgates
      10v10 Hellgates
      Corrupted Dungeons

      These activities are (more or less) available in infinite capacity and are mostly limited by time put into the activities. The balancing for these Might Levels follows a similar structure to how the Guild Challenge works. Each level gets harder and harder to achieve, but they pay out the same amount of Season Points. This way the levels have a diminishing return, making the Might to Season Point ratio less effective, the further a guild progresses in a certain activity.
      Looks like hellgates might levels have no diminishing and every level cost is the same.
      Please check if it is correct.
      WTB skill