Guys, guys, what if... QWE - but for gathering tools!

    • Guys, guys, what if... QWE - but for gathering tools!

      I mean,think about it... in real life, a pick axe could do a lot of damage!

      I'm not thinking gathering tools should be anywhere near the level of actual weapons of course. They wouldn't even have spec.

      But like... when I was still very noob (not that I'm not still a noob, but noober still) all my gear died and all I had was a sickle and skinning knife. And I used those fuckers to unkill undead mobs, to make just enough silver to repair my weapon. But it took fucking ages (I refused to beg)

      If I had a small boost in the form of low-level QWE skills - even with massive cool-downs - that would have been nice.

      I put this here instead on feedback cause... I don't know, kind of wanna hear what others think first I guess. It's only a half-serious suggestion.

      Come on, fight me on this! (or not?)
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