[25. November 2021] Lands Awakened Hotfix 1

    • [25. November 2021] Lands Awakened Hotfix 1

      Lands Awakened Update - Hotfix 1

      • Fixed an issue where newly built or upgraded Crafting Stations did not have maximum durability:
        • Newly built or upgraded buildings will now have full durability
        • Durability of buildings already affected will be corrected in an upcoming hotfix
      • Resolved an issue where Fame Credits were sometimes not awarded for Fame received immediately before changing zones
      • Fixed an issue that caused resource mobs to only spawn with a single resource instead of full resources. This issue did not affect regular hide mobs; only the following were affected:
        • Dryads, Ore Elementals, Rock Elementals, Cougars, Wood Spirits
      • Fixed an issue where logging out during the tutorial moved characters to starter city after next login
      • Fixed an issue where equipping War Gloves did not progress the optional tutorial mission "The Open World" after the main tutorial (Note: progress with War Gloves in the tutorial may not be displayed correctly in-game until the next full patch)