making a profit

    • making a profit


      first time posting so apologies if I use the wrong section

      I play this game for a while now and noticed that progression is bound to income

      in order to travel to red and black zones you need proper gear, which repeating costs greatly increases beyond tier 5 Without even mentioning dying in a full loot zone.
      and that's what brings me here - how can I "establish an economy" for myself?

      to give this some ground I'll describe my current situation

      I have one account with two characters but use only one.
      on this one account I have a tier 4 island
      on this island I have 3 farm plots, one tier 5 house (fully equipped with beds, a table and trophies) and some tier two crafting buildings
      i only grow carrots and have 3 prospector laborers, one on tier 4 and two tier 3

      my character has a full set of tier 6.3 weapons and armor, and a spare set of tier 5 ore gathering gear with a 4.1 weapon. I make around 100k off of carrots and laborers. I have 21 days of premium left.

      any help is greatly appreciated
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      I'm pretty much a newb myself, but here's my 2 cents.

      I go in red and black zones with 5.1 gear. I get ganked... a lot. Definitely do not go in a full loot zone with 6.3.

      There are lots of youtube videos on how to make silver that explain things better than I can.