[24. November 2021] Lands Awakened Update

    • I would have rather them added t9 to the game than them increasing the no-risk grind cap, but most Albion players are pussys so they probably love this type of trash 'content.' I had 3 weapon trees that are close to max, now instead of flushing those out I have to stick it all in my main weapon line. I don't play this game for a grind advantage, never have, always thought it was one of the most pussy reason to play an MMO. Now with this change I can outskill players in 3 tiers better gear instead of just 2, any devs that OK'd this I honestly hate you and think you should resign.

      Supposedly this patch was for the 'veteran' players but it makes me not even want to play this POS game...Every single patch you just backstab all your hardcore players in the back, its like clockwork.

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