The Tome of Jerald

    • The Tome of Jerald


      Greetings to the reader of this magical tome. My name is Jerald Stormham, explorer and researcher of the lore and information of this continent. I will sending my findings here, as well as small pieces of my life. This tome may become a legacy, or it may fade into the shadows, and burn where all other forgotten things go.

      My first time in Albion ended up with me being shipwrecked, and I was aided by Captain Tia and the Crafter Silas to escape the island I found myself on, surrounded by heretics. Naturally the arcane interested me, so I equipped the armour of a warrior but carried the staff and book of a wizard. Upon completing a devastating plan that Captain Tia, we managed to escape the island successfully. We made our way to Forest's Crossing, where I spoke to the Royal Commander there and settled in to crafting and gathering. However, I soon learned of the wild thieves and heretics, deranged beyond measure, that dwelled in Albion. I took it upon myself to discover what they were up to.

      I proceeded my arrival and short period of crafting by exploring the excavation site that the heretics had set up. I managed to slay the overseer and end the excavation, though I was certain I could find more. I searched everywhere and found no sign of the artefacts they had been searching for. With only a few minutes left before the portal closed, I sighed and left. After that escapade, I journeyed to Fort Sterling, dangerously risking my life past forest spirits, wolves, undead creatures, and elementals. I have so much to study! I decided I would focus on becoming stronger, and thus for the remainder of my time until now I have been crafting and gathering. I plan to join the Fort Serling faction soon, and then I will set out to explore what the heretics and thieves have in store, and what mysteries they hide.

      I warn you though, reader of this tome. The information I gather will be sacred, and even more shockingly I don't know when I will add more to this book of knowledge. Perhaps I may go to sleep one day and never wake up, or maybe I shall return to the other continent. Should I fail to record more on this tome, I encourage you to take over, passing the responsibilities around until it is complete with everything Albion has to offer...
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      After a little while, I decided it might be time for me to take a deeper look into the heretics. Apparently, based on my findings in Cracked Earth (I do apologise if I get the names wrong. I am still relatively new to Albion), they have a taste of wine, and desecrating royal cellars. It could mean something... Also, they have countless mines around the continent, from the rumours I have picked up. They seem to hunt in the wilds to get their food... So if we killed as many animals as we could, would there be less of them? An interesting theory that I must test as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I could not discover anything else about these deranged lunatics. Below you will find a summary of what I can currently recall of them:

      • They disrespect the king and his rule
      • They have some form of organisation
      • They hunt to gather food for themselves
      • Some of them dabble in pyromancy and healing magic
      • Others take a look at fighting like a warrior would and protect their comrades
      • They seem to have a taste for wine (wouldn't blame them)
      • Some are actually excellent archers
      • They have technology that does not seem to rely heavily on magic, unlike the Morgana Cult and others
      • Those that aren't well equipped for fighting are disposed to gathering and crafting resources
      They act much like a guild. A very large guild.
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      Whilst I was magically gazing at the forgotten tomes of Albion, it struck me:
      I went into the ancient libraries of Fort Sterling, to find books with an origin of magic not from this world. One was titled "Lore", and as I looked through it, I read of the war between Merlyn and Morganna, I saw the records of the baby who crossed the water, and I studied the pages with the dragons and keepers of Albion.

      I was amazed that I had not though to look there before, but it lacked something. It gave fact, but also more questions. Where did the dragons come from? Are they still here? Why demons? Why are the undead and heretics still feeling the affects of a war hat happened centuries ago? Why did Merlyn choose Arthur? So many questions. I must look further into this...