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      Morwys here.

      Started playing Albion way back in the day, since it looked like a fantasy themed EVE (which I really liked). Never really got into it until now, for several reasons. Personally, I'm not good at PvP, but I'm fascinated by free-for-all, player driven sandbox MMOs like this one. Currently grinding away my first premium, doing solo dungeons in yellow zones - I actually want to support this game eventually, it's just that it feels like an interesting challenge for myself. After that, maybe I'll try my hand at learning how to PvP; CDs seem to be particularly fun and engaging. Faction warfare (I flagged for Lymhurst) is also fun; so far, I've only have had my ass handed to me, but still I had fun learning a bit about how to fight another player. When I feel that I'm at least not completely useless in PvP, I think I'll check out other content, like guilds, group and BZ/roads and stuff.

      See you guys around.