[Ninja] Weapon Damage Changes?

    • [Ninja] Weapon Damage Changes?

      Hello, I play Arcane Staff; specifically, the EvenSong. Not too long ago (last week - couple days) I was doing some tests via PvE and PvP, and I noticed the end damage for this weapon's Magic Shock was upward of 10xx.
      However, today I notice that this weapon's damage, along with my ability consistently compete in some of the duels I have been apart of, to have dropped considerably. It is now showing a 751 damage cap, earlier showing a 749. What's going on here?

      If the weapon's skill damage was nerfed this badly, what need is it to be upwards at level 70 of that weapon branche's tree? The damage has become too poor, and it has broken a build I had anticipated would have been a very viable choice on live come the update.

      :!: Disclaimer: I am aware that this weapon branch has the ability to be a support. That doesn't take away from the fact that in its later levels it had a means to push out some very powerful shots, that I believe were fair and very interesting, giving an incentive to continuing on with this as a main weapon. What I do not need, or believe is necessary are any other players stating that fact; it being a support weapon, as if purely. Thanks.

      Any answers helps. Maybe there is something I am missing as to why the damage took such a sudden and drastic drop.

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    • what are you testing this on and what are the testing parameters?

      you must know that the resists and damage has increased with the increased ip cap

      it is reasonable that some numbers changed a little

      751 to 749 is not that large

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    • Hey, thanks for attempting to help out. I figured out what was going on. I came here to reply to my own post, but I'm delighted to see someone tried.
      It wasn't the resist that were the issue; that I had always had in mind.