My suggested changes to gathering (special ressources and baby drops)

    • My suggested changes to gathering (special ressources and baby drops)

      As in many other MMOs I also gather stuff in Albion and the way Albion rewards non-gatheres or those, that are just opportunistic is completely different to other games I played. I would suggest those two magor changes:

      1. Special ressources should no longer be visible and should spawn randomly
      I really don't know why uncommon, rare and exceptional ressources are visible for everyone and also spawn for a long period on the same node again and again. In other games you had to be lucky while gathering to get a special ressource. It rewarded those who actually were gathering a lot and not just those node campers that only harvest those nodes that are special. Special ressources should be completely random. If you gather a ressource with 3 units, then it should happen that maybe the 1 unit is a rare, but the other 2 are normal. The drop rate should be calculated for every gather attempt. Those who are hardcore gathering would be rewarded. Also it would not litter the map with glowing nodes everywhere or dead glowing animal bodies that attract campers that wait for more special ressources.

      2. Baby drops
      Babies currently drop when you kill certain animals even if you aren't a skinner. This is dumb. Does the baby suddenly fall out of its mother's womb or what? Babies should ONLY drop AFTER you skinned the animal. This way you need to be a skinner of the respective level to get baby drops. Just running around like a mad man killing animals while you never have spent time leveling your skinning should just be removed from this game. Babies should be a reward for those players that actually spent tons of hours in leveling skinning and not for those that just try to make a quick buck.

      There should be more incentives for gathers and not for opportunists in this game. Gathering already is a tedious and boring task and risky once you go into red and black zones.