People are too stupid to play arena

    • People are too stupid to play arena

      Arena is the worst. People just don't get it. If I don't go for the outer objective almost no one does in my team. No matter, if they respawn or are even closer to the outer objective - people go mid to brawl mindlessly and often aren't able to cap this objective 4vs2. The majority of players hasn't understood that arena is not just brawling but strategic gameplay. When to capture which objective, sneaking to the one on the enemy's side, blocking a cap so your team wins time... So many terrible players in arena, it just ruins the fun completely.
    • I understand you frustration, but you need to get realistic about your expectations.

      Arena is non-lethal PvP with the absolute lowest barrier to entry. The only meta enforced is for there to be atleast 1 healer.

      Go in and enjoy yourself. I personally brawl mid and team fight the entire time. Most players have very limited understanding of PvP and you will drive yourself mad trying to police their play.

      I personally wish that arena side caps were removed since they don't really add much enjoyment for many.
    • Entiendo su frustración, pero necesita ser realista acerca de sus expectativas.

      FarmerLee wrote:

      Arena es un PvP no letal con la barrera de entrada más baja absoluta. La única meta impuesta es que haya al menos 1 sanador.

      Entra y diviértete. Yo personalmente peleo en el medio y peleo en equipo todo el tiempo. La mayoría de los jugadores tienen un conocimiento muy limitado de PvP y te volverás loco tratando de controlar su juego.

      Personalmente, deseo que se eliminen las tapas laterales de la arena, ya que realmente no agregan mucho disfrute para muchos.
      Esto según el extraño, me parece una buena idea.