Faction Champion Respawn Exploit

    • Faction Champion Respawn Exploit

      THIS IS STUPID - YouTube

      If you can't bear to watch a 7-minute video of people waiting for the champion to respawn. then fix this god-damn spawn mechanics!

      this is the 2nd time we captured the outpost after waiting for 10mins for the champion to spawn (SPOILER: DIDN'T SPAWN), more than enough time for the Fort Sterling faction to REGROUP & capture it again.
      So I prepared to record the second time capture the outpost

      P.S. I left after 7-minute mark in recording, fort sterling starting to regroup again. wonder if they captured it again for the 3RD TIME because the champion is not spawning!

      THIS IS STUPID - YouTube
    • Context:

      We came from NW, we captured first the Outpost 1, waited for 3 mins, the champion didn't spawn, so we moved to Outpost 2.

      While killing the enemy Champion from Outpost 2, some Fort Sterling rat captured Outpost 1. (How? because champion is not spawning)

      So I decided together with a few people to stay at Outpost 2 to wait for the champion to spawn.

      My party went back to Outpost 1 and recaptured it, then they moved to Outpost 3 and captured it.

      But STILL, the champion hasn't spawned in Outpost 2.

      then Fort Sterling regrouped and recaptured Outpost 2.

      then we captured it again, and I hit the record button this time.

      after 7 minute mark at recording, I left. while Fort Sterling getting ready to capture the Outpost 2 since there's no champion spawning.

      very fun experience with Faction Warfare
    • This respown boss mechanicks prepare some big moron.
      Some enemy riders can reset this respown boss again and again only coming close to the walls. If somebody dismount on circle camp is at fight for next 3 min.

      And respown plyers after knock down with faction is other situation when I belive soms stupid moron prepare this too.
      Yestarday 3 times on row I respown without buble on enemy camp
    • As someone who does this (Resetting timers) I agree that it is just too easy and I don't use a high HP mount. I use a frost ram which can easily be killed but I can still sit on the outside of an outpost, tap it and reset it for 20 secs. It needs fixed.
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