[SERVICE] Black Market Guards

    • [SERVICE] Black Market Guards

      Are you afraid of the red zone? Do you walk into a zone with 10 reds and beeline it back to the yellow zone? Do you find yourself risking less and less loot and making less and less profit as a result?

      Consider paying for an escort from established small scale veteran warriors.

      I represent a community of players that routinely scour the red zone as both criminals and as caerleon flagged groups. We have the expertise to contend with any and all threats to your hard earned cargo. We know the tricks that the gankers employ and more importantly we know how to counter them.

      We can provide the necessary force to get you and your cargo safely into Caerleon. We can provide a fighting group that not only serves as a deterent to smaller groups of gankers, but also as a tested solution to ganking parties of 10 or more reds.

      Our group is outfitted with the necessary gear and Item Power to protect your investment and we require no regear for any of our potential losses while we fight off the gankers.

      We are active from 2 UTC to 5 UTC. Reply if interest.