English Chat is the text version of AIDS

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      For real though, SBI, you need to get more people to moderate your chats. It is terrible.

      Every day, there is some piece of human garbage who starts up some "conversation" about how much they hate XXX minority or wanting them dead, or spreading conspiracy theories like "the Jews are doing such and such" etc, and there's no one there to shut it sown. 150 mutes is simply not enough, especially when there are so many spammers either begging for silver and items, or people to join their potato farm guild, or just straight up slurs, because they have the mental capacity of a 9 year old and think it's funny.

      I try my best to derail it by throwing silliness into the chat, which sometimes works, but sometimes even I get sucked into these topics because again, there's no one to actually end it.
      Don't trust the META - It's all FAKE NEWBS
      This is VoraciousHarpy - If there's a way to change screen name, I ain't found it :(((