Garrison Armies: Alternative to prime time for territory capture

    • Garrison Armies: Alternative to prime time for territory capture

      So right now I believe to take a territory, you need to wait for a specific prime time, declare an attack, etc. What if instead of that, each territory had a garrison army of npc guards that constantly respawn, and territories were taken by killing these guards until the "garrison army" had been exhausted, and then the territory switches to whoever dealt the most kills on the garrison. The garrison would be very large, so that territories would take a long time to change hands, but at the same time, it would be open to smaller actions, instead of the large masses that currently happen.

      As an example: Guild A owns a territory, that territory has a garrison army of 20,000 NPC guards, which spawn at a rate of 1 every 30 seconds, up to a max of 100 (the math works out to needing at least a week to kill all the guards). Guild B, over the course of a few weeks, manages to kill them all, through a combination of large attacks, and smaller hit and run attacks. When the last guard dies, territory control changes to Guild B, and the cycle starts again.

      The number of guards in a garrison, their spawn rate, max rate, the strength of these guards are all up for debate, no concrete numbers in mind, but the idea is that instead of one battle, territory control can be decided by attrition, which would hopefully let this part of the game be less dependent on time zones or invasion days, let the black zone feel more fluid when it comes to zone control, more open to smaller hit and run raids instead of zergs, and provide an objective for both attacker and defender to fight each other, Guild B attacking to take the territory, Guild A defending it.

      There are other potential mechanics, like the ability to recover garrison numbers by delivering food or supplies to the territory, so guilds dead set on holding a territory can do so at the cost of constantly replacing their fallen garrison soldiers, or making it so the territory goes to whoever kills the last guard, not the most guards, in which case territories that are almost completely destroyed may end up battle grounds between multiple groups as they compete to kill the last guard and take the territory.