Usage Fee and Crafting Changes - Lands Awakened Update

    • Super11 wrote:

      Wowwwwwwww, did the devs seriously deleted like 5+ post from people? LOL thats just sad now dont you guys think? They refused to talk about people's concern and now they delete replies/post now too?
      They didn’t delete anything. They moved them to the rants section where they belong.
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    • Animais de todos os mapas, precisa urgente ser aleatório, iguais aos baus do tesouro
      Eu não sei como são programados para nascer, os animais, nos mapas, mas esta tendo um problema serio, porque todos os mapas que fui tanto amarelo como red., Alguns jogadores já sabe onde nasce, sendo assim eles monopoliza os animais, é estranho todos os animais, já foram feitos, se possível tem que colocar os animais, para nascer de forma aleatória, porque alguns jogadores Farma tudo, se eles já sabem onde nasce, isso é errado, sendo aleatório ficara pela sorte, mas se não da para colocar os animais para nascer aleatório fazer o que né. : /
    • Midgard wrote:

      They didn’t delete anything. They moved them to the rants section where they belong.
      You've got to be kidding. Rants? Nothing I said was a rant... and my post was deleted...

      In fact I said that these changes might actually be a good thing overall for balance and that was deleted. WTH?!?!

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    • Midgard wrote:

      They didn’t delete anything. They moved them to the rants section where they belong
      LoL but you were the one erroneously saying those posts were rants and were put "where they belong"... Clearly you did not read my post. Or you would see that it was erroneously removed from this forum thread to a rant thread. You calling it "moved" just looks like sophistry .

      But what exactly is going on here? Deleting posts from one thread and moving them to a rant section? Posts that are not rants? Posts that are actually positive and just discussing the update?

      If it happens once, I can see it as a possible mistake of a moderator. But I am seeing lots of things removed. So it is starting to look like censorship. I can understand getting rid of flame posts. However getting rid of posts that just discuss the new update and how it changes the market, and what a player can do about it, well that is really starting to look like CENSORSHIP. I hope that isn't the case.

      As I said in my post that was removed from here and placed in "rants", I am gonna say it again because it needs to be said. There are many great things about this update. The new graphics, the new music, the new map layouts. It is almost like an entirely new game.

      But what about the huge hit to crafters' profitability? People are saying they are done with the game over this change. All I am saying is not so fast! I am saying what looks like a big negative right now could possibly bring more balance to the game. You can still stay very profitable if you use your own island crafting stations. And prior to this update, hardly no one was using their island crafting stations as it was more profitable to use the city ones. So now plot owners in the city are in direct competition with player owned islands. That seems more balanced. In fact this could have an impact on the city auctions in the long run. It could possibly bring the insanely high monthly bid amounts for city plots under control.

      And if this sort of discussion truly is considered a "rant", then there is far more wrong here than this update.
    • Wikkyd wrote:

      Midgard wrote:

      Again ... not deleted. It was moved here ...
      Surely you are not this daft? LoL what I posted was NOT a rant. One would have to be a fool to think what I posted was a rant.
      This has either got to be a mistake of the forum moderators or they are censoring anyone talking about the recent changes.
      It's not you who was ranting it was the guy you were replying to. They prolly moved your reply so they could save context. I think it's pretty interesting that personal island crafting could become lucrative. Prolly want some big merchants to move out to the rests. Lotta silver to be made.