Hideout Move with Lands Awakened Update

    • Hideout Move with Lands Awakened Update

      Hello all,

      With the Lands Awakened update on November 24, Albion's biomes will receive a massive visual upgrade, and layouts of all open-world zones in the game will be updated.

      Hideouts will be automatically adjusted to fit into the updated zone maps, and will likely not move very far in their overall position within the zone. However, as other features such as dungeon entrances, choke points, and general layout may change with the update, we are allowing a one-time Hideout move after the update goes live, with the following conditions:
      • This single Hideout move must be completed within three days of the update launch, i.e. ending approximately 72 hours after the maintenance period in which the update was launched
      • Hideouts can only be moved within their current zone
      • Each eligible Hideout can only be moved once, and once placed cannot be reverted to its original position or moved again
      • Hideouts can only be moved by members of the owning guild who have sufficiently high guild access rights
      • Hideouts cannot be moved while vulnerable to attack
      • Only Hideouts in affected zones can be moved – so Hideouts in the Roads of Avalon, for example, are not subject to a free move
      • If the Hideout is not moved manually within the three-day window, it will remain where it was placed automatically when the update went live
      In general, Hideout placement during this move follows the regular rules requiring sufficient open space and flat terrain. Behavior-wise, as with regular placement, the Hideout's wireframe outline will appear green where it is allowed to be placed, and red where it is not.