Discussion about Testserver Patch Notes - Lands Awakened Update

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    • Hello,
      I have some questions regarding the conqueror challenge :
      From what I understand, season reward is now personal ? Am I correct assuming there is no more mechanism to incite player to stay in the same guild for a full season rather than choosing the best one ? (since you can now win season reward without being in a guild)

      If so, the next paragraph puzzles me :

      JudgeNutmeg wrote:

      Reworked Guild Seasons

      Might and Favor / Conqueror's Challenge:


      Guild-affiliated players’ activities will additionally contribute to their guild’s Might Level:
      • Each Guild Might Level completed awards Season Points
      • In this way, all players in a guild can contribute towards Season Points, while earning Might and Favor for themselves
      • When a guild reaches a new season bracket, members are in turn rewarded with:
        • A significant amount of Might
        • An additional bonus to any Might earned during the rest of the season
      It seems despite being personal, my progression in the season reward will be strongly influenced by my guild (It is obviously already the case, since a group of experienced and active players is always able to do more activities than a player alone. My meaning here is that you added different games mechanisms to enhance even more the reward for being in a "big" guild )

      1/ I am correct assuming this is a new game mechanisms to incite active players to form largest guilds possible, since the most might my guild win, the most I will also win in return ?
      1bis/ And in the same time, are you not afraid that most active players will leave smaller guilds, to increase their season reward, therefore killing a lot of them ?

      2/ Currently, top tier guilds are recruiting players based on the fame they accumulate. By introducing another way to monitor guild member activities + a competition between guild member, are not you afraid to promote guild choosing their member based on their results only ?

      3/ Did you planned a mechanism to prevent guild jumper, which try to earn the "significant amount of Might" in different guilds during the season ?
    • JudgeNutmeg wrote:

      Journal changes:

      Tripled the Fame required to fill Crafting Laborer Journals

      Adjusted Fame requirement for T7 and T8 crafting journals so there is no excess Fame after filling at least the fourth journal (assuming crafting with base resources)

      Adjusted the base returns of T7 and T8 crafting journals so the resources per Fame stay constant considering the change above
      Jesuschrist, im quitting the game this is just BS, ik that you have been blattant about killing the economy players and big guilds, but this is to much, i grinded a lot for this, and even to the so call buff to the crafting fame this will be simply not worthed

      I was paying 3 premium memberships to give some love to the game, but this is really disapointing.

      Im not a big economy player, neither a big guild player, this is just looking grimm and unfair for an small economy player, and small acale player overall.
    • Triky313 wrote:


      The island system is bad!
      Players set up 50 accounts with 150 islands + guild islands and put everything in books they can find. Regular gamers don't use it so extensively, and that's what we're talking about here, too.

      Most players who only have one island can currently leave it alone. You only think the system is good at the moment because you make endless profit, but that doesn't bring anything to Albion or the economy in the game.
      the level of butthurt is absurd, all this changes to economy seems more like a revenge to economy players, instead of actually creating a nice environment, you will only allianate your players and make poeple quit, as for today im cancelling all my premium subcripsion, is a shame for SBI to generate this kind of mentality on their player base
    • Volite wrote:

      From what I've tested, the opening rules seem to be reversed, is this a bug, please?
      • Dungeon Maps (Solo, Group, and Elite) :
        • Maps opened in Outlands:
          • T5 maps: T5-8 zones
          • T6 maps: T6-8 zones
          • T7 maps: T5-8 zones The main conflict is here
          • T8 maps: T6-8 zones The main conflict is here

      This was a misunderstanding. We since fixed the patch notes.

      What it should have said is just as you mentioned the reversed logic.
      For example tier 8 Randomized Dungeons created by maps can appear in tier 5, 6, 7 and 8 zones.
      On the other hand tier 5 maps can only open dungeons in tier 5 zones.

      Thanks for bringing this up.
      Best regards,
    • PeePan wrote:

      I heard about HCE being patched as well. Is it missing from the list (unless the roll changes)?
      The changes to Hardcore Expeditions will be part of the next version of the patch notes.
      We also adjusted the values after everyones feedback.

      Quick Preview of what will be in the patch notes:

      Albion Online wrote:

      Hardcore Expeditions
      In order to ensure Hardcore Expeditions are properly aligned with other features, a reduction to the overall rewards was necessary.

      We also increased how much power the enemies in Expeditions gain per level to compensate for the newly introduced Elite Levels. There will be no changes to Level 1 Expeditions, but it will slightly increase each level until it reaches its peak at +5% more damage and hit points at level 15 and beyond.

      Our view is that Hardcore Expeditions should be the most challenging and rewarding safe-zone content in Albion Online, but they should never be so rewarding as to draw in players who would otherwise be willing to brave the risks of the Open World.

      The Fame / Silver rewards for each level of Hardcore expeditions have been adjusted as follows:

      Fame Changes / Silver Changes
      • Hardcore Expeditions 1: 0% / 0%
      • Hardcore Expeditions 2: -1% / -1%
      • Hardcore Expeditions 3: -2% / -1%
      • Hardcore Expeditions 4: -2% / -3%
      • Hardcore Expeditions 5: -3% / -5%
      • Hardcore Expeditions 6: -4% / -8%
      • Hardcore Expeditions 7: -4% / -11%
      • Hardcore Expeditions 8: -5% / -6%
      • Hardcore Expeditions 9: -6% / -6%
      • Hardcore Expeditions 10: -6% / -7%
      • Hardcore Expeditions 11: -7% / -8%
      • Hardcore Expeditions 12: -8% / -9%
      • Hardcore Expeditions 13: -9% / -9%
      • Hardcore Expeditions 14: -9% / -10%
      • Hardcore Expeditions 15+: -10% / -10%