New Weapon Line: War Gloves & Black Hands replacement

    • SonBod wrote:

      I think you answered the question as you were asking it.
      The only hard CC Q is Dragon leap and it requires you hit someone with the ability first to reactivate it. If you miss it goes on full cool down. Isn't that a special requirement?
      I can understand why people think its oppressive against casters, but I think your concern is barking up the wrong tree when it comes to why casters struggle against wargloves.
      Theres slightly more to it: Only 4 Q's in the game (will) have hard-CC, which are Multishot (Knockback), Dragon leap (2-hit combo Knockup), Cartwheel (Knockback), Concussive blow (3-hit combo Stun).
      • Multishot being tied to an RDPS weapon tree at a 5s cooldown has no logical reason to exist, as the kiting purpose of the spell could be easily achieved with a slow, while the interrupt could be moved to another spell (Ray of Light seems the most fitting here). No other parts of the kit allow CC-chaining with the Q, but a low cooldown provides frequent interrupts.
      • Cartwheel is a heavy utility spell, boasting almost no damage, at a 8s cooldown. The weapon's kit has the CC spells to theoretically CC-chain someone, yet the knockback fly speed is so high and the animation duration is so long that it is not possible to act before the opponent exits CC. A well balanced spell.
      • Concussive blow is a solid hard-CC Q with a stun, requiring 3 hits before it comes out, but allowing to continue to pressure the opponent with chain-CC from other spells in the kit, yet vulnerable to cleanse and purges, while also being affected by diminishing returns.
      • Dragion leap is a 2-stage spell with knockup hard-CC. The one downside is that it's somewhat hard to land, yet the advantages you get if you do are immense. You exit animation before enemy exits CC and your kit almost exclusively contains knockup and knockback-CC which is NOT affected by diminishing returns, which is NOT cleanseable, while the knockup is also NOT affected by CC-resistances provided by armour and buffs, also being NOT reliant on buffs. Effectively meaning you can chain-CC someone without any help from teammates, nor counterplay from the opponent.
      I wouldn't bat an eye if it was just a hard to land interrupt, but weapons like the Brawler wargloves and Ravenstrike cestus can effectively dump all their weapon spell slots into a target without them ever exiting CC while they're at it.
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    • Nesnes wrote:

      Hello everyone!

      With the Lands Awakened update, we are also introducing a new weapon line. In fact, the first new weapon line so far, and also not the last ;)

      In this post, I will quickly show you what they look like and where to find them, but please go ahead and test them out yourself on the (staging) testserver.

      We have set up free crafting stations in each royal and outlands city.

      War Gloves can be considered as melee weapons even though they have some mid-ranged to ranged abilities.

      They come with a whole new set of unique Q and W abilities on top of their own E abilities.

      The War Gloves weapon line can be found in the Warrior Tree of the destiny board.

      Black Hands replacement

      Since the old Black Hands have been reworked into the new "Hellfire Hands" for the War Gloves weapon line, there is now a spot to be filled in the dagger line.

      This is where the new "Demonfang" comes in together with a brand new E ability called"Blood Ritual". (WORK IN PROGRESS!!!!!)

      Are going to see some gear for different factions that are missing? Like Light robes from Undead, Heavy armor from Morgana, and Leather Garb from Keepers?
    • I'm getting the feeling that Dragon leap needs to be removed as an ability before launch. Doing the same amount of damage as another weapon's E ability, with 1/3rd of the cooldown, requiring no stacking buff, and better CC shouldn't happen.

      The damage on war gloves is on par with other weapon's abilities that require stack buildups. Either add a stacking buff mechanic to war gloves. or remove the stack requirement for other weapons.
    • Fabrizziou wrote:

      best solution to my problem: iframe to the dive
      I would rather give the gloves an extra second of airtime to allow changing the landing timing, as the animation is quite fast, reacting to it is not a reliable method of countering.

      There is no reason to give every weapon a form of immunity, neither there are reasons to give hard-CC to every weapon.
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    • Here are some more adjustments:

      • Blood Ritual (Demonfang)
        • Enemy Damage DoT Duration: 2.5s -> 1.4s (Overall damage stays the same)
      • Dragon Leap (all War Gloves):
        • Damage: 85 -> 70
        • Knocked into air duration: 0.65s -> 0.5s
      • Blazing Geyser (Brawler Gloves)
        • Cooldown: 15s -> 20s
      • Rage (passives on all War Gloves)
        • Cooldown Modifier: 20% -> 15%
        • Damage Increase: 20% -> 15%
      And Mimic now get the ability Triple Kick when used on War Gloves

    • Retroman wrote:

      Here are some more adjustments:

      • Blood Ritual (Demonfang)
        • Enemy Damage DoT Duration: 2.5s -> 1.4s (Overall damage stays the same)

      Does this mean that the DOT stacks now?

      Also, why change the front end damage to DOT's when Merc Jacket no longer procs on DOT's? it literally negates the one jacket that combines perfectly with this weapon. Heck the 'Bloodlust' and 'Blood Ritual', 'Blood Magic' theme, where one heals damage and the other deals self damage , actually look as though they were meant to be used together so as to heal the self damage you might do to yourself while using the E on the blade. Perhaps a combination of front end and DOT damage might be better.