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    • Might and Favor

      Hey Albion!

      This Feature Dive will revolve around Might and Favor. Might and Favor are a new way we reward you, as an individual player, for your conquests in Albion’s recurring seasons and it even further rewards taking the risk of lethal full loot PvP.

      Earning Might and Favor

      Any time you complete selected activities in lethal areas of the game, you’re awarded an amount of Might and Favor to highlight that accomplishment.

      Eligible activities are:

      • PvE (in Outlands and the Roads of Avalon)
      • Gathering/Fishing (in Outlands and the Roads of Avalon)
      • Corrupted Dungeons (awarded on kills only)
      • Hellgates (awarded after the completion of every Hellgate)
      • Outland Treasures (awarded when any member of your group opens one)
      • Crystal League (awarded on Wins and partially awarded with no match)
      • Killing Crystal Spiders
      • Killing Siphoning Mages
      • Capturing Hideout Power Cores and Territory Energy Crystals

      These activities do not award an even amount of Might, with some yielding much more than others. We encourage you to test as many of these activities as possible to see what you can earn.

      Conqueror’s Challenge: Weekly Rewards

      Each week, regardless of whether or not it’s during a Season, players are eligible to receive weekly rewards for earning enough Might. These rewards come in two varieties: Favor Milestones that award you along the way and an ultimate Weekly Reward of a Grand Conqueror’s Chest.

      While you can spend Favor on other rewards (more on that later), the Grand Conqueror’s Chest yields instantaneous rewards to highlight your success. This includes some basic loot such as fame, silver bags, resources, and a bit of siphoned energy, but also a rare mount and a valuable new Artifact resource that can act as a “wild card” when crafting artifacts.

      These new artifact items can be used as a replacement in the crafting of any artifact that shares the same tier and artifact level of that item. Each Grand Conqueror’s Chest guarantees one of these items but does not guarantee which tier and type you’ll receive. These recipes can already be seen at local crafting stations, and used if you’re able to obtain one of these items!

      Conqueror’s Challenge: Season Rewards

      In addition to the short-term Weekly Rewards, there are also Season Rewards to strive for. Each Season’s rewards return but as individual incentives to participate. The Season Rewards you can earn will be familiar: Battle Mounts, Fame Boosts, and Avatar portraits. Once each of these unlocks it can be upgraded with further progress, and in the case of Avatar portraits you retain any that you unlock.

      Favor Rewards

      Favor can currently be spent on Siphoned Energy as well as Conqueror’s Chest (not Grand Conqueror’s Chest), which are versions of the Weekly chest that do not guarantee the receipt of an Artifact resource. These items are available at the Energy Manipulator, which has also been added to Level 2 Hideouts.

      We plan on expanding the Favor Rewards in the near future and will be announcing what else we’ll include at a later time. :)

      Your Guild and You (or just you!)

      You can now participate in Albion’s seasons even if you’re not in a guild! Your progress is now your progress, and you keep it with you regardless of your chaotic, ever-shifting allegiances! (wow, whatever happened to loyalty??)

      Alternatively, you can still benefit from your Guild’s progress and your Guild can benefit from your own! You receive bonus Might and Favor based on your Guild’s current Bracket, and your Guild benefits by applying all Might earned by their members to Might Levels, which yield Season Points each time a new level is reached.

      In addition, each time the Guild reaches a new Bracket, you’re awarded a payout of Might that’s applied to your own Season Progress (but not Weekly progress). You have to be with your guild for a minimum of one day to receive the bonus Might.

      Each player’s contributions to a Guild’s Might Levels are ranked, so you can compare how much you’ve earned versus that of your guildmates.

      Staging Rewards

      We’d really love to hear all of your feedback on all of this and know it’s quite a lot to test.

      Anyone who receives Might from any activity excluding PvE, Gathering, Fishing, Hideout Power Cores, and Territory Energy crystals will be included in the raffle to receive gold!

      Hideout Power Cores and Territory Energy Crystals have a raffle of their own, and you can read about the overall contest here.

      Once you’re done checking out this new feature let us know what you think! Feedback is entirely optional, and you do not need to supply feedback in order to be eligible for a chance to receive the gold.

      Known Issues

      • The balancing and prices of Conqueror’s Chests and Siphoned Energy favor purchases are not yet complete
      • The new Artifact resource items are missing localization
      • The Escape key doesn't close the Conqueror's Challenge window

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    • i just want to be clear.
      what other ways is there to get siphoned energy?

      i ask this because i think that 9k favor for 1 siphoned is too much for solo players as a "reward"

      i know putting price of siphoned high is needed for the game balance and ect but from the short testing session i feel like there is going to be a lack of siphoned energy next season

      this is considering mobs drop 1-5 favor per kill?
      siphoned currently cost 5k silver in live servers so translate that into ? 0.55 silver per favor?

      even faction point conversion is about 20 silver per faction point.
      The Tank Who Bonks
    • Obelis wrote:

      Known Issues

      • The balancing and prices of Conqueror’s Chests and Siphoned Energy favor purchases are not yet complete
      • The new Artifact resource items are missing localization

      The_Support_God wrote:

      i ask this because i think that 9k favor for 1 siphoned is too much for solo players as a "reward"

      Sorry for the order and formatting..updating from my phone. :)

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    • siphon balance even a 1 per 9k is fine imo, will give more importance to oc than it currently have and remove part of the control of siphon price from big guilds back into the players more.

      my big issue is the guild loyalty not being incentivized nor rewarded, this is a problem when it could be there to help promote people to build communities to actually "build" up to reach a rank and do something better.

      Right now, this might almost even incentivize guild hoping even more just to get those guild bracket bonuses.... (literally make hype guilds a worse problem).

      Siphon becoming more scarce will make big guilds at the "mercy" of the players instead of the countrary and it might take some times but lots of big guilds have 100's of thousands of siphon in stock.

      Siphon will still be generated from guild challenge (so 300 per levels once above level 15).

      Yeah, oc might become a bigger decision than it was before due to cost and that ain't a bad thing imo. might actually have a healthy impact on top of the more ow activity focus
    • Guild's Might Interface


      Within the guild season overview screen, the Guild Might screen shows the amount of 'Season points' individual players have generated.

      It should show the amount of Might generated per players (on the list).

      • forum feedback1.png

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    • The icon at the points should not be the same as the season points icon. Either change it or remove it, because they are not the season points directly.

      Then the strength, preference, and guild loyalty strength.
      The formatting is absolutely not nice.

      hat do I get from the points or percentages?
      I didn't find any information on this inGame. I hope there is still something to come.

    • Thanks for the report Triky, both the player sorting for the rankings and the incorrect icon have been fixed internally and will be fixed in the next test server build.

      The Might and Favor bonuses you get from your guild bracket is applied every time you get Might or Favor, and you can see the contribution the bonus gave next to the Guild icon in both the overhead message as well as the combat message.
    • Robinhoodrs wrote:

      Rather have the ability to buy any battlemount with my points, instead of a predetermined battlemount that could be trash (Rhino, Ent, Spider, etc).

      And a question that has been asked by a lot of players; will the fame boosts stack on top of each other if we unlock them all?
      the way it is written sounds like you only get the highest one possible.

      from what i've spoken with people who were in top 1, 2 and 3 position in previous seasons, they are able to stack the bonuses the moment it isn't the same % bonus.
      So that means if having all the 90days % buffs you can gain an extra 15% total.

      This is how i understand they work currently and the rewards just give you the highest of the type you achieved except for the avatars.