Open World Mob Changes

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    • Open World Mob Changes

      Hi everyone,

      In this post, I want to introduce you to the changes we made to enemy creatures you can find while roaming around the open world.

      Many of you might already know that there were already some mobs in the game that were able to upgrade from normal creatures to more rare versions the longer they are alive which includes e.g. Crystal Spiders.

      We built upon this idea and also expanded the diversity of enemies you can encounter for all of the four major factions: Heretics, Keepers, Undead, and Disciples of Morgana.

      Those enemies are organized into five levels of power: Recruit, Soldier, Champion, Boss, and Rare Boss. Each is way more valuable than the one before as their rewards have been buffed by a large degree.

      In the picture below you can see the full line of Keeper Axethrowers:

      That means a zone will become more valuable the longer it is under frequented and it might get to the point where it becomes the most valuable activity for fame and silver in all of Albion until most of those upgraded enemies have been slain.

      On average, an enemy or zone that hasn’t been touched for a long time will be worth 10 times more than what it has been right after respawning. E.g. an Outlands Zone with no activity will triple its initial average value in only an hour.

      Along with these generous rewards, these enemies have received a major graphical overhaul and many had their spells and mechanics reworked.

      Staging Rewards

      Once you’re done testing, please feel free to come back and leave us some feedback! Feedback is entirely optional, and you do not need to supply feedback in order to get into the raffle.

      In addition, anyone who kills a roaming mob will be eligible for the drawing related to this feature.

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    • Since many players will explore more the world, the interaction with these mobs while mounted may be a problem.

      Is it possible to make their mechanics more skill based like the Avalonian Roads or decrease a little bit their aggro range?

      Dodging mobs to don't lose sprint + many other players (gankers) camping special resources, static dungeons, entries, crystal spiders, roads, borders, treasure sites, energy and cores and other features might become a little hectic and frustrating, especially for new players.

      Mobs range could escalate according to their level.

      Recruit has lesser range and Legendary the maximum range.

      What do you think about this? A better mobs zone I understand it should be harder. So the closer zones to portals/cities will always have the higher traffic. Having a lesser possibility to get ganked because mobs are being more hunted (because their proximity to portals) then their range is lower could allow players better to dive into deeper zones where they can find better mobs.

      I think this is a quality of life + gameplay interesting mechanic you should look into it.

      Thanks for reading! <3
    • mobs at all give very nice fame and loot drops in proportion to their difficulty

      the highest tier mob is similar to a gold chest Boss from solo dungeon in difficulty but the rewards and loot(For a testing server) is worth it

      i particularly like the custom soundtracks based on boss type it makes the boss feel impactful and dangerous

      Running through a pack of semi powerful mobs is not recommended as it is much easier to get dismounted now
      Embrace the Risk Vs Reward. Do not deny it
      For it will only bring you pain


      Currently aiming for 120 on all Armors related to Morningstar Build
    • Here is my pass for the raffle :)

      Honestly before this was made literally nobody would kill mobs in open world, they were just pain in the ass throwing their things while you ride, but, with this update, i will surely start rethinking myself on dismounting when i see a big mob or even making roaming sessions
    • I've been testing these mobs in open world and i have to say, good job with the rework;
      The mobs became a reliable source of fame and it's probably better than any other content aside from maybe Avalonian dungeon and HCE;

      A boss in blue zone gave me 64k fame without satchel which is huge especially for a new player, the fight itself is pretty good too since now mobs have multiple skills and overall this change will make the open world feel more alive.
      Looking forward to this update on live servers.
    • I like the changes so far how ever the mobs seem alittle to powerfull since often your unable to just pull 1 mob its often 3-5 which makes it nearly impossible to solo or even duo its rough the fame is very high tho its very rewarding clearing those mobs.

      I also noticed that Ranged mobs such as archers and crossbows have a new AI simular to avalonian drones same goes for the spell casting of a lot of mobs they seem to behave like monks now the tank has agro of the mobs and autoattacks how over they can cast spells randomly on healer or other ppl around you which is much more challanging but also much harder in small areas to dodge all these fast casting spells that are dealing extremly high dmg

      I would just like to see alittle nerf of the mobs power so you wont need a raid party or zerg to clear them safe and fast
    • I realy like this update on mobs, kinda sad that we dont have this for the other faction, realy dont know why we face morgana mobs in both T6 and T8 and not the bandits in one of those.
      All bosses felt interesting and have a good ammount of skills, which was something previous bosses were lacking a bit.

      T5 elite bosses were all good, the axe dude knockback skill is kinda slow once the casting ends, would be cool to see the cast a bit slower and the skill faster.
      T7 elite bosses i loved what you did with the ice mage, the fight is much more interesting now, archer is cool and the sword dude uses the specter jacket a bit too soon in the fight, feels a bit bad to start the fight and have to get away from it.
      T6/8 elite bosses i found the gap in difficulty a bit off, the mage one is too weak and the lancer dude is too annoying, the other 2 are fine, the mage is too simple, feels like it need something else, the lancer dude buff cd seens too low for its duration.
    • That Mob Fame is absudly high. I killed a highest level elite mob in a T8 zone with satchel and got like 645k fame for 1 mob that took me like 10 sec to kill and 140k Silver on top.

      Thats crazy , how does this even compare to all other means of getting exp ? You want us to max out our destiny board in a couple weeks ?
    • daklajakld wrote:

      That Mob Fame is absudly high. I killed a highest level elite mob in a T8 zone with satchel and got like 645k fame for 1 mob that took me like 10 sec to kill and 140k Silver on top.

      Thats crazy , how does this even compare to all other means of getting exp ? You want us to max out our destiny board in a couple weeks ?
      I though that as well but I guess mobs will be much more contested on live server and finding such kills will be hard. Add to that the fact that you are not going to run around with a 8.3 mp satchel and will likely be with a party. Though some numbers do seem to be over the top. I got almost 800k of a single boss mob in a T8 zone. Crazy
    • I tried killing a Keeper "boss" mob in the open (the ones with the spiked circle indicator) and got absolutely stomped.

      Was using t6 gear in a t5 yellow zone on the royal continent, my average ip was ~1100.

      The mob was able to throw multiple abilities in sequence to an absudly high speed, even to the point that the effect of one ability was still visible and dealing damage, while being able to start casting the next (the spell visual indicator was starting while the previous wasn't finished).

      Is this intended? I completely understand the concept of making them extra-hard to justify the fame bonus they reward but was under the impression upgraded mobs were still a sort of "solo-oriented" activity.
    • I love this idea. I'm super excited to see how everything is effected on the live servers. I tried multiple biomes to try to see the different buffed mobs and found a great suprise as the fame was pretty high. The fame seems high but i understand with new players this will help them stick in the game earlier as they will be able to level weapons and armor up faster. I think this will be great for new player retention. :)
    • The new desert zones orange color is very similar to that of mob spell indicators. The contrast ratio is very low making it hard to see and dodge the spell indicators. The spell indicators color should have a similar high contrast compared to the ground's color in different biomes/dungeons. Thus a different color should be chosen depending on the players environment.
    • Now that crafting journals are being nerfed and the open world mob changes are happening it would be a great idea to rework mercenary journals so they aren't dead content anymore.

      1. Increase the amount of silver they return 5x-10x because currently it takes a year of 15 tier 8 mercenaries running non-stop to pay the return for the guild hall they are in.

      2. Make it so mercenary journals can only gain fame from open-world/static dungeon mobs. No instanced content. This way there is risk to bringing journals out just like gathering/fishing journals.

      3. Increase the amount of fame they take to fill to compensate for the new mobs/fame buffs globally. Potentially 2x-3x not exactly sure how it will balance out.