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    • Elite Levels

      Hello Albionians,

      This post will be about all the details concerning Elite Levels and all the changes we did to support this feature.

      Elite Levels are 20 additional combat masteries that are more focused on prestige than actual power, giving players who have achieved Elite status some Vanity rewards.

      They’ll require a lot of dedication to unlock and are also a new opportunity to use all your Fame Credits that you’ve been hoarding for a while.

      Gaining Elite Levels

      Elite Levels are unlocked for Combat Specializations as soon as you’ve unlocked all your Mastery Levels in that Specialization. Unlike Mastery Levels these aren’t gained passively by gaining Fame but must be unlocked with Fame Credits and a little bit of silver.

      To gain Elite Levels you have to open the Specialization Menu on the Destiny Board.

      If you have the Elite Levels unlocked for that Specialization, a second progress bar will appear, showing you how far you’ve progressed through the Elite Ranks.

      Below that, the button to unlock the next Elite level will be displayed along with the Fame Credit and Silver cost.

      Elite Medals

      Because Prestige is of little use to you if nobody except you can see it, we introduced Elite Medals, which will be displayed on the upper right corner of your equipped items indicating exactly how many Elite Levels you’ve already unlocked.

      There is a Bronze, Silver, Gold and Crystal Medal, each with a segmented ring, with each Segment representing 1 Elite level:
      • Elite level 1: Bronze
      • Elite level 5: Silver
      • Elite level 10: Gold
      • Elite level 15: Crystal
      • Elite level 20: Crystal with full ring

      These Medals are visible for you in your Inventory and Loadout Creation Window and to everyone else when inspecting you, challenging you to a duel, or if you ask to join their party.

      There are also four Mastery Medals which range from Iron to Gold which you can unlock by gaining normal Mastery Levels.

      These will be gained at:
      • Level 25 : Iron
      • Level 50 : Bronze
      • Level 75 : Silver
      • Level 100 : Gold

      Destiny Board Borders

      Of course, your dedication and prestige will also be reflected on the Destiny Board with new awesome Frames for your Combat Specialisations.

      Satchel of Insight Buff

      With the increased amount of Fame needed to complete the Destiny Board, we wanted to alleviate the Fame grind for all players in the form of a buff to Satchels of Insight.

      • T4 Bonus fame: 20.046% → 40.002% | Silver per Fame: 1.3 → 1.25
      • T5 Bonus fame: 24.147% → 44.467% | Silver per Fame: 1.29 → 1.23
      • T6 Bonus fame: 28.786% → 49.531% | Silver per Fame: 1.28 → 1.21
      • T7 Bonus fame: 34.052% → 55.295% | Silver per Fame: 1.27 → 1.19
      • T8 Bonus fame: 40.051% → 61.882% | Silver per Fame: 1.26 → 1.17
      • T8.3 Bonus fame: 63.887 → 88.246% | Silver per Fame: 1.24 → 1.13
      • T8.3 Masterpiece Bonus fame: 74.417% → 100% | Silver per Fame: 1.23 → 1.12

      Staging Reward

      We would love to hear your opinion on the new Elite Levels, how visible they are while interacting with other players, and how impactful the higher Item Power is.

      As an incentive, everyone gaining any 5 Elite Levels in any Combat Specialization on the staging server has a chance to win gold.

      We look forward to hearing what everyone thinks in the thread below! Feedback is entirely optional, and you do not need to supply feedback in order to be eligible for a chance to receive the gold.

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    • I think the idea of elite levels is quite interesting but from what I have seen in the test server the amount of fame credits and silver needed to spec up from 100 to 120 is too high considering that it’s only a +40 ip and needs more than 3 times the original game credits needed to go from 0-100 per weapon. I think that there should at least be a feature where players can get a one-off chance to respec their fame credits without any silver cost or fame credit lost if this elite level feature is to be implemented into the live server so that at least there is a way to max a weapon tree for those that don’t save fame credits

      I think this can be changed in a way that is more suitable for players in general and not just as a benefit to the rich players. An idea can be that quests can be given to level weapons from 100-120 instead such as killing certain number of specific mobs or players

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    • The idea of elite levels is quite interesting indeed but needed frame credits are too high for a 20 level if player needed to max there weapon tree now if they are already on 700/700 now they have to gain 350Mil of frame credits for up there tree that's a lot of frame credits at least give us a method to fast gain more credits.
    • The elite level system is really wrong.

      This isn't just about giving users content to enjoy.
      It's just labor that forces to consume silver and time.

      The reason we love Albion is that newbies and oldbies can play unlimited pvp in equal positions in a short amount of time.
      Creating an elite level for the purpose of simply take back silver and increasing content consumption time through forced labor will cause many users to leave.

      Due to the nature of online games, a long run can be achieved only when new users are continuously influxed.
      New user-friendly direction should be taken Old user-friendly patches are a bad choice

      Furthermore, how do you plan to solve the existing content difficulty problem with respect to the power increase due to the elite level?

      Think of another alternative. Don't ruin the Albion we love.
    • Elite Specs were added to the game to allow players to specialise in the weapons of their choice. I believe that this was the general vision of the game developers, as it costs 15m silver and 50m fame credits to get from 100 to 120 for any weapon, which, to put it mildly, is rather difficult for most players to acquire. In my opinion, this change is great, as many veteran players will have something to work towards.
      However, there is one problem with the current Elite Specs. The problem is, the 0.1 bonus to item power for the whole weapon branch from every Elite Spec level. This is a problem, as it goes against the idea of specialising in one weapon, instead, it forces you to grind the whole weapon branch(which is 350m fame credits and 105m silver) to get the maximum IP in the weapon that you want to specialise in. I strongly believe that adding that extra 0.1 IP bonus to the weapon that you are specialising in (resulting in an increase of 2.1 IP per Elite Spec level) , instead of adding it to the whole weapon branch, will make Elite Specs better, as you would not be forced to grind the whole weapon branch to 120 in order to gain the maximum possible IP in the weapon of your choice.

      P.S. This should exclusively apply to Elite Specs (100-120)
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    • quick note on the UI

      for me the reflex to try and learn about the new fancy star on my gear is to click it (the piece on my character doll);

      I know that if you click your armor it opens the info on the details of that armor-piece, but for some reason I'm missing information of what this fancy star does on the item directly.

      Not sure if there is room on the bottom of the stats page to add a line indicating your personal elite level or something?

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    • it is worth investing 15mil and 50mil fame credits to get to level 120 on your favourite pieces of gear

      but getting to all 7 120 may be too much for most players
      it would be too grindy for an additional 16-17 IP

      insanely rich players may do it but for the average player it is mission impossible

      i consider my self above the average player with around 100 mil in liquid assets to move around and regear but the grind would be too much even for me

      highly suggest make the 100-120 only affect the weapon/ gear and not the whole tree

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    • Love the update overall but those elite medals look ugly. It looks like some cheap gacha mobile game and it doesn't quite fit the Albion art style imo. Maybe put some little diamond like how enchanting works around the item square but on the top/left side with different colors indicating different elite levels
    • Lockemup wrote:

      did the idea of reducing the amount of fame needed to level 0-80 spec get scrapped?
      I can not say "absolutely not" emphatically enough. These Fame shifts were one of the last things to get in for the Staging build, and I will see that the exact values are communicated on Monday. Roughly speaking, we increased fame gain across the board by ~20%. Some features received more of a buff (Static Dungeons, which are still in progress values anyway), some received less of a buff (I won't call anything out here because I might recall incorrectly).

      We believe this Fame increase is a crucial support element for Elite Levels, as presenting advancing players with insurmountable power gaps would be quite unhealthy for the game.

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    • Mihay wrote:

      I strongly believe that adding that extra 0.1 IP bonus to the weapon that you are specialising in (resulting in an increase of 2.1 IP per Elite Spec level) , instead of adding it to the whole weapon branch, will make Elite Specs better, as you would not be forced to grind the whole weapon branch to 120 in order to gain the maximum possible IP in the weapon of your choice.

      P.S. This should exclusively apply to Elite Specs (100-120)
      It´s a fair point and makes sense, however there is one issue.

      If it was just like this, you would just dump your fame credits to your weapon and you are done with elite spec. Now that would be a bit boring. Just farming 50 mil fame credits aint that tough, and you would be essentially done with the system the moment the patch updates.
      That wouldn´t be too fun.

      However, since you have to actually use fame credits and you can´t just do pve or whatever, you essentially have to farm fame credits, rather than to amass fame in elite spec by doing pve, which makes it less entertaining to me. + The difference between 50 and what, 350 mil fame credits is huge.

      I suppose a random suggestion could be to do it as you say, but to also give incentive for people to have more fun with this - you could add like some brutal cosmetic if you get all elite specs in that weapon tree.
      That would eliminate grinding for everything just to squeeze out more IP, but it would also give some incentive to do it for something cool, so it´s not just a matter of acquiring 50 mil fame credits for your favourite pick and be done with it.
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    • The system itself looks good to me. Of course I can't test it 100% now, but the following would be important for me ...

      New players are often afraid that they won't be able to keep up. With the 20% increase in Fame, it should now be easier to level between 1 and 100. The elite level area is then actually only for end content.

      What you should make sure that players don't just run expeditions as in the past and just push the entire skill tree again. I am well aware that expeditions are part of the game, but I feel like they're still too strong and players are getting a full elite level too quickly.

      Since dungeons are still under renovation, I can't say much about that.

      What I also noticed, however, is that the Ava Roads are now less useful for fame farming. Before the changes, these were a good alternative to get Fame, the Open World now also offers that, here you should possibly make smaller adjustments later.
    • this migth just be a testserver issue. When you use the pillar to get all spec/destiny board and then you TP to other places. it just keeps the mastery at 100 not the spec.
      In order to keep what i want to use at +100 spec i have to upgrade to at least 101 spec.
      if not spec goes to 0.
    • I would suggest to move the medals to the “amount of items on the stack” spot on the bottom left.

      You can’t have more than 1 item equipped at these slots, so this indicator serves no real purpose. The medals could take their place, making the UI both more practical and aesthetically pleasing. It would be great if the medals didn’t overlap the weapon icons as well.
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    • I understand the intent of the change, and it's great for players who have much of their combat masteries maxed out to have alternate ways to spend fame credits and for people to be able to 'show off' their high masteries, but I feel as though this change is largely still catering to a relatively small percentage of 'elite' players and giving them a considerable advantage.

      Obviously this is just my opinion, but these are some of the concerns I have as a player:

      Spec advantage and the 'divide' it creates in the player base
      While the change is said to be more 'focused on prestige than actual power', I don't think anyone could argue that a ~20% advantage in masteries from Elite Levels is negligible. I would argue that it's quite clearly weighted towards being a significant power advantage.The Elite Levels add another seemingly monstrous grind that will act as a divide between newer players/players who don't have as much time to play/don't have as much wealth, and the players who have been around longer/have much more wealth & fame to invest into Elite Levels. As others have said above, the Elite Levels still granting bonuses to all items within a tree further exacerbates this.

      Silver cost
      Apart from the ~15 million silver required to get a single weapon from 100-120 Elite Levels, the required fame credits alone are going to cost a player in the realm of 45 million silver. Re-specing (and fame credits as a result) have become very expensive. While one of the 'grind' alleviation mechanisms proposed as part of the Lands Awakened update is an increase to Satchel of Insight fame bonuses, plus a slight reduction in 'per fame' silver cost, fame bonuses granted from a Satchel of Insight really do become very expensive in addition to this, and particularly when you are talking about the levels of fame required for Elite Levels. From my observations and experience, a large portion of players are simply unable to maintain enough silver income to utilise a Satchel of Insight whenever they are grinding fame. I still think the Satchels of Insight are a healthy feature/balanced from a design point of view, however it can't be assumed that the majority of players will have enough available silver income to take advantage of the buffs to Satchels of Insight to help 'alleviate' the additional grind introduced by Elite Levels.

      A hindrance to 'build diversity' and adapting your equipment to your needs
      One of the most defining features of Albion is the ability to change your equipment to suit the needs of the content you're taking part in. I feel as though people will feel weaker, or like they are unable to compete unless they use some of the (potentially few) items they have invested into Elite Levels for. Or in the worst case, they see the Elite Level grind as being too severe and too costly and wonder 'why bother?' trying to compete against more experienced and wealthy players who can invest into Elite Levels considerably.

      Exacerbating issues relating to item balancing/changes
      Weapon balancing patches & even ability re-works are integral to the ongoing health of Albion Online. However, when one of your favourite items is nerfed or re-worked, it can become very different to the item you invested in. Imagine grinding out Elite Levels for your favourite weapon, spending more than 3 times the fame credits required to get from 1-100 in order to get to 100-120, only to have this item nerfed or re-worked considerably to the point that you no longer enjoy using it. This kind of impact/consequence is inevitable in a competitive game that requires ongoing balancing, however I feel the enormous additional grind required for Elite Levels will equate to an increase in frustration for players when these situations occur. Re-specing all your Elite Levels out of a maxed weapon would again cost you another ~45 million silver on top of what you'd already invested into it, making it hard to justify re-specing as a good option.

      In summary - I feel as though changes should be weighted more towards 'vanity' or 'prestige' than they currently are, as they are giving quite a significant combat advantage and will be largely out of reach for what I expect will be a large portion of the player base. Perhaps the number of Elite Levels (and their bonuses) should be reduced and/or other 'vanity' options like visual upgrades for abilities or item skins be considered as alternate ways for players to spend their extra fame credits.

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