Handholding in the blackzone

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    • Handholding in the blackzone

      One of the reasons why open world content isnt very good in the game is because of handholding between large guilds and alliances. The last update didnt really do much about that problem because the hideouts are the problem, their existence is the reason why guilds and alliances are able to do such things. My suggestion is to remove hideouts or make it so that power is only concentrated in one zone such as making cities in bz where a guild or alliance can control it, and it can be sieged by enemy guilds or alliances. The point is, make things more centralized, people want to do things together, thats why they make things like in redtree, instead of making that weak, just limit it. And since the big groups have their own zone, the other zones can be free for all and only those with HQ hideouts can put a hideout in bz. With these, the outlands truly is not a safe place.
    • You haven't been paying attention. They made it so that only 1 hideout is truly safe (your home) and all others require 3 second channel to get inside of. This HIGHLY increases the chances of being ganked while transporting or gathering.

      Also, hideout zones are going to receive increased damage for each other hideout in that zone. So now it will be extremely hard to craft in the blackzone.