Primary and secondary target

    • Primary and secondary target

      Everyone who plays healers knows this and others see this constantly with healers: Healers have to switch their allied targets to heal, then switch to a mob to attack. And this has to be done constantly, otherwise healers just stand there, not attacking and only healing which is quite boring. And lots of healers do exactly that: Standing there, waiting to cast heals, not auto attacking anything - degraded to a dumb heal bot (even worse with the new damage reduction on healer staffs).

      So my idea is to have a primary and a secondary target. Other games have such a mechanic. Whoever played Warhammer Online might know this from there. You could have two targets selected, an enemy and an ally. Buffs, heals etc. that are targeted for allies then directly went to the ally while damage spells hit the primary enemy target. So no constant switching back and forth or just stopping to do damage at all and lock in onto your tank and keep that until someone else takes damage. You could lock onto the boss mob while still switch allied targets so you could continue to auto attack in between without the constant switching between mob and ally, mob and ally, mob and ally and misclicking often or healing the wrong person because the game again did not trigger when you switched allied targets.

      This could also give completely new opportunities to spells. Consider a tank that buffs an ally with every attack he does. Or a healer that heals a selected ally when he attacks a mob. This is only possible once you can have an enemy and an ally selected at the same time.Would offer a huge variety of new mechanics.