Arena is full of trolls

    • Arena is full of trolls

      I played some arena yesterday and it was aweful!

      • Our first healer had an axe equipped and a tier 3 cape which was broken
      • Next healer comes with a bow
      • Healer afterwards was completely overweight und could hardly move. Also he just had T4 flat trash gear on
      • Later our healer had a T3 staff equipped
      • Then of course the occassional "all range vs. all melee" crap and people just brawling in mid, not checking for pings and let the enemy get all the outer objectives for free

      Obviously there isn't done alot to remove those trolls from arena that queue as a healer just to get a faster queue and bonus rewards. So many troll healers in arena, it has become pointless to play. On top the matchmaking is garbage. Often you just don't have even team setups, both from skill and gear.
    • The arena is no place for an end game... it is a place to kill time while waiting for CTA/GANK/TEAM etc..

      it should not have two points at the top, it should push new players to PVP and get familiar with PVP

      If we want to really take points and capping, the arena should look like crystal league.

      you can't complain that someone who just started the game doesn't know what he is doing, that is what the arena is for... to learn about builds/mechanics etc..
      (thats why rat capping in the arena should disappear)

      edit: Example of healers who wear force field and other push items and are in que just to get extra bonus... and their whole game is about rat capping.

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    • arena is a good idea but poorly executed

      they have no mechanic to prevent people from playing healer without a healing weapon (reporting takes time), just make it so that you cant join without a healing weapon in your hand, and you can only swap to other healing weapons

      same should apply to equip t3 shit

      also the arena promotes cc spam instead of real pvp, which is also a bad thing