my friend just cut me off because of my obsession with cats, am I in the wrong?

    • my friend just cut me off because of my obsession with cats, am I in the wrong?

      so yesterday I was hanging out with one of my friends and we were taking pictures together, his phone camera is broken so we were taking them on my phone. after taking the pictures, he asked me to send them to him but my phone doesn't let me send pictures through imessage unless they're saved to my icloud; I have no idea why my phone does this but it just does. I have a bunch of cat pictures on my phone and my icloud is basically overrun with them and lot of them aren't even saved because I have no more storage on my phone. I told him I couldn't send it to him by imessage but I could send it to him on snapchat but he got really agitated and told me just delete some cat pictures but I told him no. he got super angry after I said no and asked me "are your stupid cat photos more important to you then a photo we can both look back on and enjoy the memory of?", at that point I was really confused cause I told him I could just send it through snapchat but he wasn't listening to me so I told him he was blowing this way out proportion and he seemed to quiet down afterwards. after he left and went home, he called me and told me that he didn't want to be friends with me anymore because I "obviously didn't value our friendship". he also told a bunch of our friends what happened and now they're saying that i'm an ahole for not just deleting some cat pictures (I told all of them that I could send it through another communication platform but they still think i'm in the wrong) so am I in the wrong here?
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    • No. He is clearly in the wrong. It actually sounds like something else is going on here. Is your avatar picture an accurate representation of you? The reason I ask is because your friend's actions sound like that of a jealous boyfriend, or 'would be' boyfriend. It sounds like he has feelings which are clearly not returned by you (hence the comment about you not valuing the friendship). He wants a picture with you, and maybe wants to show people and/or post it on Instagram or something. He likes you basically is what I am getting at. And he is one of those guys who doesn't take rejection (or perceived rejection) well.

      In most cases a guy would not react like that with someone he isn't crushing on. Most guys won't react that way at all, but especially not with someone there is no crush on. That picture was important to him because of deep seeded feelings. That is my take anyway. I am no psych major but have seen enough jealous peeps in my life to know the signs pretty well.

      So basically, if your female, you have your definitive answer. If you're male, your friend might be gay (not meant in an insulting way) and be crushing on you. His reaction sounds like he feels rejected.
    • Hello there! not sure if this a subject to considerer right or wrong. Is actually how you feel about stuff. When "friends" make you feel unconfortable, judged, insecure, etcetera, maybe is time to look for new ones. Considering the situation you describe, I assume you are a young person -please DO NOT SHARE your age- so as the adult I am, I heavily suggest to look for mindfull friendships (usually they take some time).

      Some opinions, points of view that can be different than yours are absolutely okay among friends, not everything is agreeing 100% all the time, even some bitterness is normal. The important is to not stay in ugly places just because you feel there is nothing left.

      Commit to your personal goals and passions, and place yourself out of drama. You like kitten pics? awsome, get thousand of them, but beware of not forcing other people into your interests.

      Side note: considering the previous comment: please stay away from jealousy dramatic potential partner. That flag is so red that looks like a Matador.

      Growing up is hard, follow your gut. Soon this thing would be a minimal tiny tiny issue that you´d laugh about if you even remember it.

      Good luck!
      Keep it wholesome. or classy at least.