Please, update to 5v5 and 10v10 hgs

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    • Please, update to 5v5 and 10v10 hgs

      Hi everyone, my nick is M7rlin, I'm here to express my opinion about Hellgates (5v5 and 10v10) currently.

      I have +100k of infamy in 5v5 and +50k in 10v10, it's not much, but you can already have a good experience in this content.

      * Points to improve on 10v10 and 5v5, in my opinion:

      * As the main problem currently in Hellgates is the lack of players inside Hellgates, it is necessary to increase the player base, so it is necessary to encourage this entry, for that, in my opinion, it would be necessary:

      - Decrease the minimum ip to enter, preferably from all the gates of hell.

      - Decrease the price to create a map.

      - Increase the chance of appearing better chests (purple and gold) or increase the loot inside the chest.

      - Create a command in which the two teams teleport to a map of Hellgate, being able to choose the map, in order to familiarize beginners how the map works and be able to train with other teams. Like the Crystal Kingdom command.

      - Increase the chance of a boss or map with a boss appearing or placing boss on all maps.

      - Increases the lost infamy of each mob, to ease and decrease the pve, because Hellgate is not about pve, but an ultimate pvp experience.

      Ideas out of the box.

      - The team that beats another team in Hellgate will earn points in the season.

      - Create a new item called "Victorious Seal of Hell" that will win when you win a match against another team on Hellgate, the item will be used to exchange for a token that will upgrade Terry. How will it work:

      * The team that defeats another team in Hellgate 5v5 will earn the “lvl1 Hell Seal of Victory” which they can transform by joining 15 seals in a lvl1 token to evolve Try.

      * The same will happen in 10v10, when the team defeats another team, it will gain the "lvl2 hell victory seal" which can be transformed by adding 10 seals in a lvl2 token to evolve the terry.

      * But the lvl1 token will only level the terry up to level 4 and the lvl2 token up to level 7. (upgrades lvl1 to 2.3.4 and updates lvl2 to

      * These seals and tokens will not be traded.

      * This will get even more attention from Crystal Kingdom players and guilds who want to qualify for the season.

      - Ahh, but M7rlin like that will make the content very op.

      So, you need to see the numbers so you don't leave too much operation too, but currently Hellgate is dying, need to release some update for that, and being an endgame and group content, need to be rewarding and challenging.

      - Ahh, but M7rlin this kind of content is supposed to be the biggest and hardest pvp content, so it has few people.

      Yes, it's endgame content, but still having only 3 groups in the entire Hellgate 10v10 is normal? When released, it was much more complete.

      (sorry for the language, this text was translated by google translate because i n' t speak english)
      Albion Online player since free to play

      - Player of 5v5 hellgate
      - Player of 10v10 hellgate

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