A acutally good change to PVE and just group content.

    • A acutally good change to PVE and just group content.

      In mmorpgs the idea is to play with friends and guildies to complete various different types of content that you cant do normally without other players which spark natural player interaction. Instead albion devs have taken this very core dynamic of what defines mmos and nearly thrown it out which sucks as the current complaint is the open world setting is dead. A large part of it is the solo content, cds where you get infamy which helps you get better loot and running one of the standard S tier builds netting you a 60% wr regardless of skill meaning infamy gets higher then you get better loot with the cycle feeding into itself. Then you combine this with the fact a avg cd can take less then 5mins netting you more fame/silver per hour then nearly any other content with 1/10th of the gear risk why do anything else. Theres no real reward structure that directly impacts you by playing with groups such as 5s,10s, and group pve/raids like cds with infamy. These forms of content are dead for the most part because they take alot more to setup and require alot more effort and reward alot less for the effort/risk put in to getting it rolling. A good way to change this in the PVE area is make a fireteam buff like you get in destiny 2 and many other newer mmorpg like games. This doesnt directly nerf solo content like cds but it makes it so playing 5s,10s,group dungeons, and ava raids can be more viable to compete without hindering the solo experience and rewarding the more communication needed and risk that comes with these forms of content in the form of boosted silver drops, fame, and maybe even better loot rolls. You can segment this up into 3 sections small group 5/6 for dungeons and 5s, then medium groups mainly for 10s, and large groups world bosses and ava raids which are meant for 20players. Once you go over the intended cap the the buff is harshly decreased and minimized to prevent abuse of it. This would actually push players to grind in groups and do dungeons and open world actives/group hellgates that can help reinforce more group play together. By doing this system cds remain a good source of loot and fame for solo players during down times of activity but makes it so doing a group content rewards you as it should be by playing with groups of guildmates and friends.