The solo dungeon loot is way too low.

    • The solo dungeon loot is way too low.

      So I played yesterday 10.21 and framed solodungeons in tier V maps it was allright the loot was really good or normal for tier V map. Today I played for hours first at tier V maps the loot was really droped for some reason like yesterday around 40-50k silver in avarage if I sell the things I got but today literally purple chest and 2 bag of 1000 silver end three lvl4 runes so absplutely nothing. Then went to VI map wher the loot bonus is 159% cuz I had the fraction bonus on too but it was laughable. I just don't know what is going on yesterday and before the whole week it was fine but now almoust 0 :( :( . Attachment tier 5 map final loot purple chest. PLS somebody tell me what happend
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    • I legit believe there is an algorithm that detects your time played and reduces your loot when youve hit a certain threshold. I have this same experience, with all randomized chests in any activity. hunter CD, stalker, slayer, tier 4-8 solo dgn. Def possible SBI put a modifier on the RNG of the chest that does this and we would have no way of knowing. They are already talking of adding compounding loot off of statics and other such things in next patch. but tbh i think its already been in here for a long ass time.
    • 4 years ago you didn't even have the option for solo dungeons, the loot dropped from mobs was basically just silver. All the loot comes from the Black Market NPC from player created items. Want better loot go to Corrupted Dungeons because that's what they are designed for. Solo dungeons were mainly uses for those wanting to do some progression when most of their guild isn't around. They even close up now which is another reason their loot isn't as lucrative as it once was. Just think for a second you could just do solos over and over again for 1+ million silver each time with no fear of dying. That's broken, and it would turn the economy into something you see in New World right now, which is deflation to the max.