How to become an NDA tester

  • How to become an NDA tester

    Hello Albion Community,

    Many of you probably already know about our NDA playtests, where we test upcoming changes with players of the community before they get deployed to the staging server. These playtests are a valuable source of information and provide a chance for us to get in direct contact with experienced players to get their feedback on planned changes. Check out this thread for more information about these tests:
    NDA Balance Playtests

    Currently we are looking to expand our group of playtesters for these tests. If you would like to become a part of this testing process then please read the requirements below.

    Who we are looking for:
    • You are very experienced with at least one type of PvP content in Albion Online
    • Good English communication skills
    • You are available to join playtests on weekdays at EU friendly time slots. (Tests start usually around 18-19 UTC)
    • You are at least 18 years old
    • You are willing to sign an NDA that contains personal information including your real name and address.
    • And finally, you want to provide constructive feedback to help make Albion Online a better game overall :)

    If you think this description fits you, then send LoneQuokii a PM with the following content:
    • Your in game name
    • Your Discord ID
    • A short introduction text about you: What your experiences and your role in the game has been so far.
    • What type of content are you mainly playing
    • Rough estimate of how much experience you have in this field: play hours, infamy, etc.

    I hope we get many fresh faces into our playtest sessions and I’m looking forward to meeting you there soon!


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  • Hello Albion Community,

    We are currently looking for new playtesters, who are interested in providing constructive feedback for upcoming content and ability changes.

    We are especially looking for players experienced in small scale open world content.

    If you are interested please read about the requirements and application process in the post above.