Cabbage Man Challenge (tribute to Jimbenator)

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    • Cabbage Man Challenge (tribute to Jimbenator)

      The rules are as follows:
      1. Take no better than t4 gear/mounts. If you really want to challenge yourself, take just a bag, mule, food to sell.
      2. Pick a food/potion you want to sell to players in the BZ. Papa Jim did his cabbages. I have done carrot soup.
      3. Head to an Avalonian road or realmgate and get out to the full loot zone.
      4. Try to sell your wares to anyone you see.
      5. Look for loot or if you have high enough spec, run a dungeon or try for an open world chest.
      6. DIE (or sometimes live) and see what your profit is
      The main goal is to have fun and get comfortable in the full loot zones. Escaping gankers in t3 gear is exciting. Killing a player who overextended and got knocked down and you walk up in your t3 set is great.

      Good luck, have fun