Please add arena-like battlegrounds.

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    • Please add arena-like battlegrounds.

      Please add any-time-on-demand-solo-join-session-maximum-intensive pure ZvZ action.
      Without gathering people. Without running. Without queues. Without naps. Without endless blobs-maneuvers. Without waiting. Without gear loss and without loot.
      Without anything not related to actual ZvZ.
      Just fking pure, 100% concentrated ZvZ non-stop pushing buttons.
      Just cut piece of the OW map. Add spawns and objectives. Add registration by roles.
      And here we go. 40 vs 40, or even better 80 vs 80.

      SBI, you know, how many players really enjoy ZvZ?
      And how strong?
      So strong that they are ready to come on timer.
      Ready to run half of the world.
      Loose expensive gear.
      And even ready to face no content at all.
      Hours of life-time just for to be able to have a few minutes fight.

      For the love of god, SBI, add arena-like battlegrounds.
      Your game will blossom like classic WoW, when BI add Alterac Valley.
      Many players like those who left for NW or other games because their time was smashed by Syndics "if my enemies having fun - i'm doing something wrong" will find an outlet in YOUR game.
      Other will have an opportunity to practice more, increasing overall quality above current 99.9% players just running like brainless chickens sometimes face rolling keyboard.
      And new players will have an opportunity to catch-up some of the experience of old players passed thousand of battles in dozens of wars.

      AO with battlegrounds > AO without battlegrounds.
      WTB skill

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    • yellow zone faction warfare could theoretically be this but i think the zones are too far away, and the info on where things are happening aren't clear enough, and open world mechanics for imbalanced fights tend to fizzle out the content.

      instanced arena zvz every half an hour, the game would eat that shit up.
    • gmatagmis wrote:

      You mean that different blob sizes chasing each other until one engage, and running from each other after?
      This is not any-time-on-demand-solo-join-session-maximum-intensive pure ZvZ action, really.
      It's a players mentality, you think adding the details you write about will change the fact that people will still play like rats?

      For example stupid arena where there is practically no profit and people still put on alts and instead of enjoying the fight they RAT points.

      A perfect example is 20v20 nonleathal turned into who can RAT points better than actually fights.
      That's why this content died.

      Same thing would happen with what you are writing about, the only option to make sense would have to be a deathmatch where only killing your opponents would determine the loss/win.
      On the other side people would run away and waste your time so there is no win-win situation, it all depends on what people you meet in que :)

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    • Quagga wrote:

      For example stupid arena where there is practically no profit and people still put on alts and instead of enjoying the fight they RAT points.
      The only real arena problem i see, is one-engage-give-up.
      Even in equal fights, where give-uper side had real chances to win (I've even won few with single instant-give-upper on my side kekw).
      But there was suggestion to give fame for scoring tickets instead of tomes at the end, along with unlimited rewards, to make loosing side resist till the end.
      Everything else, what is not content denial, still a content.
      WTB skill

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    • It's so weird when the only thing a legendary founder player, who has been playing non-stop since beta 2, who has been on the front lines of almost all world wars since release, and earned top 1 season rank twice, is asking for a piece of the map, putting a couple of respawn points there, and adding registration.

      Really, SBI, cmon justfuckitall, and just let me press my buttons whenever i want, without all those non related to actual button pressing staff. Please.
      WTB skill

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    • Waiting to see what the new update will bring, I'd really like to see unique zones with some cool environmental aspects that can't have HO in. Have it so that it's a big landmark like a huge bridge, volcano, cove etc and have it designed the idea of fighting, but keep it part of the world.
      Even a white rose has a black shadow.
    • gmatagmis wrote:

      Your game will blossom like classic WoW, when BI add Alterac Valley.
      Battlegrounds were the beginning of the end of world PvP in WoW, and the precursor to LFG, LFR, and all the other "quality of life" things that turned it into a lobby game and killed the world. Please think very carefully before you remove risk and travel, SBI. Maybe consider making the *world* more *like* a battleground, but don't destroy the world. Thanks.
    • While most of the players enjoy living in the PoEArcheNope carebearen heaven, other, just starving for ZvZ action, a place where they can practice their role, or team combinations ANY TIME, where they can improve, not assimilating the degradation of the crowd, regardless of timers and sufficient mass.
      Sooner or later, they will leave your game, like it was with NW.
      Faction warfare is PvE with rare running from each other blobs one engage elements.
      WTB skill