• I'm very confused. I can fish, I know how it works. I used to be able to fish up to tier 6 quite easily, even with a tier 5 rod. I now have a tier 6 rod but I can hook fish but can't land anything over tier 4, they just stay at the left-hand of the bar and I cannot budge 'em, no matter what I do. What gives?
    • I have similar issue. In my case it is tragically hard to catch a fish of tier 5 (and maybe higher - I haven't tried) - it moves right really slow and moves left much faster which doesn't allow to hook it in 99% of attempts (actually, I was lucky only once in all time). This happens always when I play on my laptop which has a really low performance - all settings are minimal and still it is quite laggy. On the other hand, when I play on my desktop PC (which has much better performance) - I have no problem when catching fish of tier 5 or 6. So, my assumption is that game has bad optimization of fishing for low-performance devices.