i want a feature that make you cant click resource object

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    • i want a feature that make you cant click resource object

      it's like force combat mode but can use when you're not in combat.

      when you want click a character or a dungeon entrance,
      this will happen that you cant click that you actuary want click because it covered by resource object.

      it's really annoying and often happen to me.

      i want the mode that you completely ignore resource object when this mode is on
      even though you are not in combat.

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    • Tetrodotoxin wrote:

      im sorry. im really bad at english so maybe i didnt properly described what i want.

      imagine that i want to click a gatherer who skinning leather from pool of dead mobs body.
      it's really hard to click the gatherer and instead select the gatherer i might click the bodies.
      I see what you mean :P

      I use it myself for ganking solo "hiding" in the body of a killed animal.

      Such a trick for min-max ganking (solo) or is it a bug and a problem? not for me.

      For new players it can actually be annoying.
      I think adding option like ctrl + left click to select character while ignoring objectives should be ok.