Smite 50% damage bonus for pre-fight spells

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    • Smite 50% damage bonus for pre-fight spells

      iI suggest considering setting the 50% damage reduction as a passive buff for equipping Smite on Q for holy staffs. It should be available before casting Smite.

      The reasoning here is that for example poisons from potion or mage cowl, or for example the Ambush ability for gatherers are severely debuffed if you use them before the fight has started and don't have the buff from Smite.

      These preparation spells also count toward your 4 consecutive spells needed to activate Agressive Caster passive on the holy staffs, so it benefits the fight to use them before Smite so you can make a burst of damage with only smite once Agressive Caster is active,
    • Yeah I can accept preventing playing offensive with healing Q spell, but the current "fix" unfotunately also makes it hard to play proper offensive builds with holy staffs in any solo gameplay. As I guess with nature staffs too, but I rarely use them personally so I can't speak to it well.