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      So fairly newcomer to Albion but I've seen a ton of multiplayer on other titles. I'm seeing the faction warfare as needing some work to provide people with quality experience in the yellow zone, even when your faction is on defense or numerically outnumbered.

      Right now the faction war seems to be a blob-farm system where groups gather to retake lost territory, grow in size into a massive blob, push as far as they can (mostly without a shot-caller on voice) and disintegrate the second anything goes wrong. Players just log off or retreat back to home city after a single knock down even with the repairs available at each spawn point.

      Seems to me that the faction war would be more enjoyable on a continuous basis with some basic organizations involved and to match what players will expect coming from other perpetual warfare lane titles. In game voice for group parties, or hot-patched discords as built into the game is necessary. Text chat is too cumbersome to use while moving and there is no accountability for the amount of numbers you might be amassing. I'd suggest creating 3 standing groups for each city: Main Force, Off Lane, and harassment. Main Force would match large number engagements and match the current blob play, and give someone access to voice control (even if one way only) so a single partial knock down doesn't end a battle because people scatter to the wind. Off lane would deal with the other side of the city from the main force, and be nimble to escape if outnumbered, or working on pickoffs and pressure vs. larger groups. And harassment would just be territory diving setting traps for trickle players or gatherers.

      You'll also need a self-nomination and voting system for when people step down from group lead. If the position is open then someone can just step in. Voting people out of command should be possible but don't make it too easy to abuse (60% disapproval).

      Most titles that have continuous lane wars give options for people to fast travel. I think a resource expenditure and a fragile structure could be a nice way to set up direct teleports from base to base, and give territory divers something juicy to hit when they can't engage directly. Maybe put it on a crafting tree and make it require a toll for use. This will give well organized factions the ability to move from front to front without long boring travel times and keep people engaged.

      All of this can also work for red/black zone as well, but it will be harder to keep people from leading randoms to their death vs back-coordinating attackers with a traitor commander. Keep the travel system, but don't offer in game command for such a risky thing, let people do that intrinsically within their guilds or social groups.

      Hope this is helpful, :thumbup:


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    • Ok so some more reflection on this: I see that Albion is catering to a mostly inter-national audience (over 50% non-english speaking) and many players might find built in comms to be frustrating with language barriers and such so I'll update my suggestion as follows:

      Put in a non-verbal command system using map markers and simple commands like attack, retreat, hold, chase, regroup. Then make the avenue from commander to the group be an opt in with language selected. If the guy speaks your language then listen, if not mute and use the map indicators. It will need to be easy for commanders to enter these functions on the fly so some careful hotkeys and a layout board would go the distance.

      I'm sure this will get used in red/black zone combat as well, but I'm hoping to see this drastically increase the ease and quality in which players can enter and exit yellow zone fights, and find some dependable amount of organization.
    • Yes so played a few more hours and I really want to stress this is a feature that will lead people away from negative experiences like:
      -Being excluded from an already formed group
      -Being ready to join a group and not getting an invite
      -Being forced to shadow another group and miss important cues as a result
      -Being willing to lead a group yourself but not being able to get it running in a way that will matter
      -Waiting a long time in a big group for a large scale battle, and have your group scattered by a single bombing run and not having a regroup plan.

      So I'd like to see less undefended mob-stomps and more standoff play that way peoples skill and gear really comes into play and the faction point earnings come from winning in this arena vs min-maxing the meta, farming outposts and taking 1 knock to preserve money and pvp ratings, unflagging and repeating later.

      Also it might be reasonable to increase the benefits/penalty to farming on tiles not owned by your faction, and possibly forcing faction standing for all gathering so theres a real reason to fight and defend other than high adrenaline conquest runs.
    • So saw more unfavorable play today involving cut off territories. Things are sorting generally speaking into two groups: One group of low/medium gears grouping to capture points, and another group of higher gears in lower numbers bombing and farming player vs player ratings. If given the option two factions with mostly type one players and leadership will completely avoid each other and capture uncontested deep into each others territory without making any effort to meet in battle.

      I'm not saying that they haven't min/max'ed the faction point farm, but I'm used to other titles rewarding action more than territory grab. If things were optimally organized then groups of 5 or 10 would be sent to take bases with minimum numbers while a larger group maintained standoff and tracked the opposing forces main element. What i'm seeing is the lack of suggestion here, and while this does happen sometimes during high interest hours in yellow zone faction war, there are features that could guide the social dynamic using rewards and basic group channels into more rewarding play.

      When a group gets outnumbered or outclassed by high-gears, then there needs to be some way for them to call a fall back position, ping the faction for reinforcements, and possible give their players a short break, while not losing the interest of the group, or giving the opponent long boring periods of non-resistance.
    • I like your suggestion on the markers and command ping system, the current ping system is pretty bad. It has only one symbol on the map and updates every second which is too long. It would be epic if shotcallers can ping the screen instead of only the minimap for an engage.

      About faction warfare, yellow zone capturing groups have always been newbie randoms grouping up only, you cant expect them to properly fight. If you are interested in real faction fights with proper shotcallers, just join the faction discord servers on the bandit timer. There is one for each faction city and you should be able to get the link in the faction chat. Otherwise, I can give you the link. They usually look for fights on bandit timer. Keep in mind that these are redzone faction-flagged PvP and full loot. Yellow zones generally will not have such proper fighting groups because the PvP system is only knockdown. Everyone looks for full-loot PvP.

      If you wanna step up on the large-scale PvP content, join a good ZvZ guild. I'm sure they will be happy to accept a motivated newbie.

      Keep playing and you will discover all the content.
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