Better arenas?

    • Better arenas?

      Arenas are a nice content imo (if you willing to wait 20 minutes for it)

      Altho a problem witht the current arena (besides its a dead content, which makes it hard to find a match) is that its not very good to test PvP builds, because runestones make CC more important than kills

      A kill is 2 points for your team, a runestone is 10
      5 kills=1 runesone, you can have a good team but without knight helmet, force field, energy emision and things like that your chances of winning are not that high

      So an idea I got is another gamemode for arenas

      Everything stays the same, except that runestones are not there, and you need 40 points to win (20 kills in total), that way skill becomes more important than CC spam and it allows to use arenas to train for HG and OW instead of just crystal league

      -Allows more arena options, which might bring more people
      -Makes testing builds more representative
      -Arena becomes more fun

      -Will split the few players that play arenas if it doesnt works