Nae's Dungeons - playthroughs of dungeons (solo/later group)

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    • Nae's Dungeons - playthroughs of dungeons (solo/later group)

      Hey guys, I am Nae (Naeshar), and have decided to make videos of AO dungeon playthroughs!
      I will add each new episode to this thread, as they are created and hope you will enjoy and learn.

      My decisive moment was when I noticed that many players, especially new, are struggling with bosses and mechanics even in the easy expeditions. I am often answering on the help channel, but there are things that cannot be told in a few lines, or are better shown or explained in detail. Coinsidering I have no interest in PvP of any kind, leading players through dungeons and equipment mechanics is the best I can do.

      Usually when players ask what to do in game, they are asking for the best build and best way to earn moneys and best... everything - I do not plan to show that, sorry. But I will try to experiment, show what can be done and what not; I will explain the mechanics of normal mobs and bosses alike; and showing various RPG group roles. I will also use these videos as basis for filling up the wiki articles, as they are painfully empty right now.

      Here's the first episode, just a bit short of an hour:

      Please let me know if you liked it.

      tl;dr: I will post PvE videos here, yes I am a carebear and this is intended for newbies.
    • The second episode was published: (I hope it is somewhat better than first one)

      I have equipped t3 plate and quarterstaff to maximize defense/CC.
      Explained the four main types and beaten t4 morgana dungeon - even though the side boss gave me a hard time. The chest was worth it though.
    • Hey all, I made the third episode:

      This one is not flashy, but shows that you can produce various builds (more or less effective) and do well in a simple dungeon.
      Also, introducing the specialization and skill levels, tome chests and fame tomes (notably the t4 tradeable).
    • Hey guys, I have uploaded fourth episode:

      Third run in t3 armor shows how effective it is to deal damage. I got a keepers dungeon, which is of course pretty tough
      and the Earthdaughter and Elder as notable bosses. But you should not give up and my efforts were crowned with success.
      Introducing the fame shrine and talking about the keepers' mobs abilities.
    • Thank you @RICCKIEE! The appreciation means a lot.

      I uploaded another episode, this time we are starting with group content in the ways of an expedition:

      The main point is, that you can start playing in a group as soon as you get in the game. The expeditions (with daily rewards) offer an easy entry point to
      both group play and instanced content, PvE.
      Also, there are different roles in group play - defensive (tank - reducing damage the group takes), supportive (heal - prevent deaths and heal any damage taken)
      and offensive (damage dealers). One great aspect of AO is that you can do any of them, just switch your gear.