nice bat respawn rate

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    • nice bat respawn rate


      I wanted to check the changes in CD after few weeks of not playing, as usual I was not disappointed, dog shit changes
      All range weapons have just died
      rest in peace bow,crossbow,frost,fire,arcane every build that has kite.

      edit: Overall the idea is good, but there are too many of them. On one small circle I had 4 bats in 30 seconds.

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    • New

      xbow is not #1 and it won't be. it's currently a double merc curse and with the spawn rate of bats, it will be on top for a long time.

      I remind you that this is a sandbox and there should be no restrictions like, you have to play bruiser or content is not available.

      Which will ultimately lead to frustration and a decrease in players.
      That's not how you balance games.

      edit:In general, I am a fan of balancing through CD game mechanics rather than direct itemization changes.

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