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    • Make PVE Exploration valuable

      Currently there is no value to doing PVE content in different zones or zones farther away for where someone lives.

      Idea to fix this and give solo and small group PVE players an incentive to move around the world of Albion more:

      Daily Exploration level - a number indicating the amount of exploration a player has done during the day (resets to zero during daily maintenance)
      Daily Explored Zones - a list of zones the player has explored during the day (cleared during daily maintenance)

      When a player completes a solo or group dudgeon in a zone that is not in their "Daily Explored Zones" list the zone is added to there "Daily Explored Zones" list and the players "Daily Exploration level" will be increased by an amount depending on the type of zone (see table below)

      When a player starts a solo or group dungeon in a zone that is not in their "Daily Explored Zones" list the dungeon will get a % buff equal to there "Daily Exploration level" this is just like the buff maps give to dungeons.

      Zone typeExploration value

      That is the basic idea at least. I am sure there are some details to figure out but should not be that hard. Also it could be easily extended to include other activates like gathering or just fighting random monsters.
    • Tombalone wrote:

      so what do you mean it's not valuable?
      The point is it is not valuable to go to different zones in the world to do PVE content. If you want to do solo dungeons you may as well just do them all in you guilds hideout zone and never go to a zone 2 or 3 or 10 zones away as there is no value to doing so and there is a large amount of risk in doing so.

      Also factions is only for royals, I did not really state it but the main point here is to give people a good reason to go out and explore black zones.
    • Tombalone wrote:

      dude roads are for small scale content
      faction bonuses give incremental rewards up to 3 stacks.
      they even updated the rewards for roaming mobs
      even hidden treasures can drop up to 8.3 in yellows.

      so what do you mean it's not valuable?
      What i think OP means is to give incentive for going to black zones. I think that right now, if you optimize your activities in yellow and red zones there is more rewards there than going to black zones. I would also say that there is no point of going to black zones solo unless you are looking for thrills of running away from hordes of gankers. if you are part of large alliance, it is bit different but that brings chores and responsibilities with it.