I just got a scam as a new player

    • I just got a scam as a new player

      Hi guys, i just hopped into the game yesterday. After 20 hours of grinding I chill in the city, a guy named as below invited me to a party and ask me for help for the dungeon. He lead me to the full loot area which I just discover that after I'm killed, I lose all my stuff. I went there with him, after killing some mob he turn on PVP and kill me instantly, and of course, took all my stuff, which was worth about 1 million of silver (Morgana's crow, full t5 set with level 3 enchanted weapon and full level 2 enchanted armor set). Then he tell me that giving back my stuff, then he give me like T1 T2 log, weapons, armor,....worth like 10k silver. I know those stuff don't worth that much to veteran players but to me, it's pretty frustrating that I was scammed like that. I hope that the support team does something about this player. Thank you guys for reading and sorry for my bad English and the annoying orange texts because I don't know how to get rid of it.
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    • Mrpotato wrote:

      Its a scum move but I dont think its against the rules

      Everyone learns sooner or later that most of times randoms in pvp zones will backstab you, it happened to me in the roads and I am sure more people had similar experiences
      Yeah i doubted it, he even offered me money for "helping him" but I just thought that's okay, I just want to have fun and find new friend but that pretty...hurts. Guess I have to learn the hard way
    • and this is why you join a guild and only help people you know for sure that wont kill you

      this is a full loot game this kind of low level scam happens,
      it happens more often in pvp minecraft servers more often because there you can build player traps which will hit you without you even knowing what happens

      reminds me of the good old days. ahhh good times
      Embrace the Risk Vs Reward. Do not deny it
      For it will only bring you pain


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    • Remember that its a legal and intented mechanic of the game, its one of the objetives of the game, to produce a duality on the community, a highly toxic one [gankers, griefers, and most of the zvz'ers), and a bitter angered vengeful other (resto of player that try to semi-enjoy the game, but there is a high chance they will do the same to other new member as a way to "prepare" them to the future).

      The simple desire to be more than your peers through any means necessary is the energy of this game, because that the most profitable way, to monetize on human violent nature.
      Thats the true meaning of "full loot".

      PD: hopefuly this will not be dragged to "rant" section, its an honest and thoughtful response, im not writing fueled by spite, rather than dissapointment (i have not played the game in several weeks, but i still roam the forum in hope that some day will get a little better).

      PD2: and lastly my respect for those that only play this game without any ill mind, you are the very few that make this game sometimes still worth playing...too bad the other are waaaay more in numbers.
    • In this game always will prepare for the worst.
      It doesn't matter if it's from someone in the guild or from a random player.

      In this game, whole guilds were scammed. It happend in our guild too but we are prepare for this.

      Separation should be done between private items on a private island or in chests in public places. Things that can be lost and that risk is managed (shared crates or carried)

      I personally lost mine Battle Mammoth few years ago because I lent it to someone who didn't give it back :D
      We are small guild but we lost 40M from our guild because one of our players decided to rob us and pretend it was by mistake :D (By mistake, 3 guild chests were emptied :D. Best regards for sirCurse nice a thief who has many stories to defend himself. We only have data logs from the chests :D )

      We have many good stories worth more than stolen stuff. We play from Beta for fun and without big goals