Mobile Loading.

    • Mobile Loading.

      Greetings and thanks for taking the time to read and give me your honest feedback and help. I have been doing my damn best to reduce loading on mobile devices. I know that PC users are suggested to run albion through an SSD but I don't know the theory behind it. I've reduced the transition scale, window animation scale on the device. Moved the client to an SD card to give the device itself all the storage needed, removed bloatware from the device. Added more ram to the device by running some proccesses thru the memory card storage and overclocked the CPU. I live NA East and still I cannot get the ideal loading times from zone to zone.
      I'm trying to make the overall play experience for individuals who don't have access to the money for an ideal PC set up or the time to sit at a PC for a time period to play the game. Anyone with insight as to how PC is able to get the loading times down to help android and ios users to be able to keep up with others in parties and group situations(our friends ya know) would be kindly appreciated.