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      the current cooldown of Lym cape for t4 is 2:30 munites something and 2:14munites for t8. its not it a litle bit too long? its almost no use specially for melee weapons. it maybe some use in healing but sustaing mana weapon that eats a lot of energy is kinda useless mana sustain infact it cannot sustain at all.

      i rarely used axes like bearpaw i only equip it for gathering but rarely in battles. i notice when we fought a group i used bearpaw that time with lym cape my mana drains so fast then the cape activated then drain again so fast. now you need to wait 2:30munites for it to activate again. can you even fight that long without energy?

      even when i'm a healer its barely supply my mana needs not so usefull, you need to use another item that supply mana. i know scholar cow, druid cowl or scholar cowl but that doesn't seem fit for group pvp. scholar sandal maybe good but also not enough.

      i mean, is it too op if we let the cooldown of lym cape to atleast 90sec? i think 150sec cooldown is way too much..
    • Lym cape completely broke the energy management in the game, now you dont have to sacrifice a separate slot for energy purposes, neither you have to think when to press buttons over conserving energy for a more opportune moment.
      Arcane tree skills relating to energy manipulation became useless aswell, as the whole playstyle became counterable just by a cape slot.

      Most energy replenishment items will loose in viability as healers would be able to rotate energy potion and lym cape with a 90s cdr, leaving them a free head/boot slot for an additional save. Axes won't need a head slot to keep them fed with mana, and other builds with medium energy consumption rates would be able to withstand energy pressure for infinite amounts of time.

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    • This is why Albion balance is so shitty. I don't understand, why mana consuming should be an issue for an axe, not heal, but in common...

      You are using lym cape. I don't know, in which content. But let's imagine, that it is CD.

      You are still having some manna issues. Don't you have any tools to resolve it?
      - scholar cap will resolve it. But you wanna abuse some imba item(cleric, poison, purge)
      - scholar sandals will resolve it, but you wanna abuse royal boots

      Instead of updating your build, newbie will cary at the forum, that it is don't work with a hip of the most OP items as a build.
      And it's okay. Newbie is just a newbie.

      But Retroman will do everything they want.

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