New to the game, have a few questions

    • New to the game, have a few questions

      I just started playing yesterday with my girlfriend, and decided to go with a ranger build. Right now I'm just using a regular bow (Tier 4 adept's bow), but my dps is so bad - my girlfriend (Mage with fire staff) just blows through enemies while I'm plinking away at them. Even with enchanted quiver and explosive arrows.
      1. What weapon would be better in terms of DPS? I want to be able to solo stuff and match my gf's damage. Would dagger be good?
      2. What's a decent way to make money early on? I read through the guides and they suggested doing dungeons, but they were written in 2018. Is this still true?
      3. Is it feasible to form a guild with just two players for a guild island?
      4. What's the most profitable gathering skill? I kind of like fishing and gathering resources in general.
      5. Can we play the game without PvP?
      6. How common is getting killed in yellow zones by other players if you're not flagged for PVP?
      7. Is there a "best" city to make our home? We're in Fort Sterling right now.
    • 2. Credit card, buy gold, chnage for silver, then create income from focus/alt characters etc, safely and stably.
      Or slow through gathering, not always gain, you can die, random gain..

      3. If you're only after a guild island, you can have one with one character...(like an alt character)
      If you're a duo, it's better to join an existing guild.

      4. Skinner or Harvester.

      5. Yes, but it depends on your goals.
      pve here is utterly boring and a lot of shit.(attention, just my personal opinion)

      7. I prefer Caerleon because of the BM, but it's surrounded by red zones so..
      But even royal cities are ok, they are safe and have various bonuses..
      It's up to you.
    • 1. The best PvE weapons would be frost, fire or crossbows (light crossbow or weeping repeater). for the Ranger tree the Spears are a good choice. don't use dagger- its used for PvP.

      2. Faction Warfare. capping zones can give you about 20k points per hour, when exchanged into hearts it will net about 300k+. You can also go participate in Bandit Assault which gives a lot of points, but make sure to do it with disposable gear - u will be fighting other faction players in fool loot pvp. you can also gather if you want, but I prefer factions.

      3. guild island has no use other than farming laborers (usually done by rich people, not something i'll do as a newbie)
      for new players, I highly recommend joining a newbie-friendly guild. There's hundreds of guilds in the game, find a guild in the language that you will be familiar with. You will learn much more about the game joining a guild than creating one with 2 players, and also have fun in a lot of content that
      couldnt be done with 2 players. like ganking, small scale fights, group dungeons, etc..

      5. the game revolves around PvP, you will inevitably be exposed to PvP as you play even if you try to avoid it. Welcome to Albion.

      6. yellow zone = blue zone.

      7. anywhere is fine
      i love rushia