• The albion community is way too risk adverse.. It is crazy to see how this plays out all the time. Player behavior is slowly ruining the experience for me.

      Open world isn't meant to be just "fair fights", but it really does feel like the majority of players require a massive advantage before they will fight and provide content.

      You have roaming roads groups that have more than 7 people. They funnel people into the zone and camp it and insure that they always outnumber the enemy. This is truly a rat move since the roads literally exist to provide content for smaller guilds. Bringing a blob to fight 1-7 people is kinda shitty.

      You have faction groups that only fight smaller groups during bandit. You have players form massive blobs and expect groups half their size to give them content and free loot.

      You have bz coalitions that always seek to swarm and overwhelm the enemy if at all possible. You have a significant amount of guilds that are only a part of the coalition because they would be destroyed without allies. Winning 40v60 in the bz just means that next time they try to mass 100.

      I feel like this trajectory turns the game into a snore fest and reduces the content in the game. As more and more people play this way, there simply won't be a smaller group to fight. Everyone will try to mass more numbers and if they fail to mass they will just logout.