Looking for: Guild needs a Island Construction Manager

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    • Looking for: Guild needs a Island Construction Manager

      New Job Posting
      Type: Management Title: Island Construction Manager
      Compensation: $500k per week plus benefits

      This is a long-term job, that will require the said person to be trustworthy and be able to manage islands to the specs that are given by the Guild Leader.
      For the first 60 days you will have the Guild Title of Manager in Training, after the 60 days is over your title will be changed to Island Construction Manager.
      Pay will increase by 25k silver every 90 days after you become Island Construction Manager.

      Great job for a new player.

      1. Must be in the US(Does not matter what time zone for the US)
      2. Must be based out of Fort Sterling (In Game)
      3. Must become part of the Alpha Collective Guild
      4. Must Join the Albion Collective Discord. We will have a management voice channel be sure to have a working headset and mic for this.
      5. We ask that you be active as much as you can (We understand Real Life)

      1. Will have the primary responsibility to build out all islands to full 5 dirt plots
      2. Will take the instruction on building from the Guild Leader
      3. Will be responsible for Moving resources into buildings for initial construction and then upgrades.
      4. Other responsibilities may come about.
      5. To return all unused resources when finished with an upgrade.

      1. You will be Given a house on one of the several Islands that we have in the Alpha Collective Guild.
      2. You will be given both a T5 Ox to move resources from island to island
      3. You will be given a T5 bag
      4. After 60 days you will be given the Title within the guild of Island Construction Manager
      a. You will be granted a guild bank location on the main Guild Island.
      b. You will be granted the Guild Cape as well.

      If you are interested please take the time to;

      1. Join our Discord: discord.gg/PSKeMVcuQ9

      2. Fill our a Ticket and will be with you within 24 hours: discord.gg/sXesSSD2ZX%E2%80%8B

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