Recommendations on blood letter solo ganking build

    • Recommendations on blood letter solo ganking build

      Yeo, I've been playing this game for about a month now, and I'll have to say it's really addictive, I normally spend most of my time in rz and bz dungeons.
      Anyway, I'm looking to get into some solo ganking, so if anyone has any build suggestions, please let me know.
    • I´m not a Ganker. I´m gatherer but I can give you some insight. There´s a lot of gatherers that brag that they can play for weeks in the red zone without being gank. This usually happens because they are dealing with noob gankers all the time. Although a lot gankers specialist move their business from the Black zone to the red zone.

      I play in the Black zone. What this mean is that I need to deal with a well organized group gankers that really know what they are doing.

      When you are in a group you can divide the anti-gattherer build pieces among your peers. But if you are going solo your gear pieces need to have some sort of harmony in order that you can catch the gatherer.

      Gear pieces
      I think one of the best tools for a ganker is the fiend cowl. We gatherers rely on our boots a lot to escape. You can use this cowl to purge the boots when he/she is trying to run. Like 95% of the gatherers are using bloodletter which is slightly off for an escape build that has a dash ability that can be purge.
      Another tool we use is the invisibility. To counter this you can use a Stalker hood or/and stalker jacket. If I'm not mistaken bleeding and poison also counter invisibility.
      I know this is not part of your build but another issue we have is with a big burst of damage over time such as the Curse staff. We either don't have something in our build to block that damage or if we have we don't time it correctly.
      Specter boots: You can remain invisible for 14 seconds or a little less with this boots. You may just need 7-8 seconds to surprise anyone. This may need need to pair up with the fiend cowl since you will be lacking on mobility.
      Cape: Fortsterling or Thetford. Depending on what you need. More damge or running away from other gankers/blue players.
      Food: Beef stew
      Potion: If your gear pieces don't have room for invisibility you can use a 8.1 invisibility potion. It's expensive but if you are confident on your skills an additional 2 seconds of invisibility can worth more than the actual price of the potion.

      I think you can go with T3 horse. I recommend a Giant stag since you will have weight issues after collecting the gatherer resources. Or you can just hope for the player mount doesn't trash.
    • Thanks for the advice. I’d definitely give it a try I normally use Assassins jacket for invis and guardian boots for mobility. You were right about the fiend cowl tried ganking this clueless gatherer today and right in the middle of the fight he tries to flee with his miners boots haha.